Dodgers By Bill Beverly


Author Bill Beverly has created a gritty raw novel in Dodgers.  This book will take you on a roller coaster ride through gangland and average America.  It will educate you in gang dynamics and mentality.



East is a product of the L. A. gang scene.  A juvenile by average American standards, East is an adult in the gang element of L. A.  He stands watch at the drug houses and rules his group of boys with an iron hand.  He follows all the rules laid down by his boss.

East and three others travel to Wisconsin to assassinate a witness.  What follows is an education for the reader as we travel with East and his cohorts through a world that is as alien to East as the gang scene is


Caught by Lolita London

Caught by Lolita London


The Young Handsome Doctor

A Radical New Medical Treatment

And The Beautiful Thief



A hot young doctor in the Victorian Era with a radical new treatment for women’s hysteria.  Can you see where this is going?  Read on for a Victorian romp!


Dr. Thomas Winterbourne has a radical new therapy for women’s hysteria.   The only problem with the therapy,  it leaves Doctor Winterbourne in a state of arousal.  Ashamed, Dr. Winterbourne finds relief at the local brothel with Maggie Green;  he lets slip that he is looking for a new maid.  Maggie contacts Andy


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