Lord Of Chance By Erica Ridley



Lord Of Chance By Erica Ridley
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Lord Of Chance, book 1 in the new series Rogues To Riches, filled with emotion and drama, grabs the reader immediately.  Anthony Fairfax, gambler, man about town, and provider for his family, finds himself in Scotland gambling and winning big; maybe he will be able to pay his earlier gambling debts.  Anthony owes a ton of money to a gambling hell;  they want their money or he’s going to debtors prison. However, fate has other plans for Anthony.  After lady luck smiled on him all night, he could not imagine losing the huge pot; yet, fate steps in and the unimaginable happens in the blink of an eye.

Charlotte Devon, ran from her home in London traveling to Scotland to find a father she has never met.  Escaping a life of humiliation and mental torment, she seeks acceptance from her father.   As fate would have it, Anthony and Charlotte are staying at the same inn. When Anthony allows Charlotte to enter the game of chance, neither realized their lives would change forever.  Through a set of unfortunate circumstances they are leg shackled/married under Scottish law.  Will Charlotte have to give up her dreams of security and acceptance from a father she has never known?  Will debtors prison claim Anthony?  Can romance bloom between these two?  Come along with Charlotte and Anthony as they travel the road of love, loss, guilt, insecurity, and redemption.

My reviews for regency romance novel, Lord of Chance, follows.



Author Erica Ridley created a wonderful beginning to her new series, Rogues To Riches in Lord Of Chance.  The story-


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