Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet A Novel by H.P. Wood

Magrudgers Curiosity Cab



Coney Island

The English Teen, The Freaks

And The Plague


HOW DO I START THIS REVIEW?  I am almost at a loss;  can I do this novel justice?  When I started this novel I did not think I would be able to finish it;  by the time I had read chapter one I knew this book had huge possibilities.  By the time I was half through chapter two, I was engrossed in this fascinating book.  WHAT A STORY, KUDOS MS. WOOD, KUDOS!



Kitty Hayward’s life has taken an unexpected turn. She is in America fresh off a South African ship, her mother is ill, she is sent by the doctor for medicine.  When she returns, Kitty is turned out of the hotel;  she returns to threats and denials of knowing of


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