The Gem (The Malloy Family) by Beth Williamson

Book Review

This book is part of a series; it can be read as a stand alone.

Miss Charlotte Marie Chastain, better known as Charlie, is not your ordinary frock wearing, every hair in the gemplace female.  Miss Charlie is just a little odd and a  tomboy of the first order; she does everything she can to not appear weak, dependent or female, wears pants, hunts, and swears like no-bodies business. Charlie has a hidden trauma that has cast shadows over her life and made her what she has become.  Elijah (Eli) Sylvester, better known as Fixit around the fort because he can fix anything is considered slow, dim, a throwaway by most except Charlie. Eli spent his whole life being bullied.  Eli is not slow nor dimwitted, he is actually very smart though shy, and he is Charlies best friend.   Eli has loved Charlie for years; Charlie is clueless.  That is, until she walks in on Eli naked.  Wowzer, that was an eye opener for Charlie, both physically and mentally.  Watching Charlie blooms from an unaware, emotionally stunted, awkward teenager in a 25 yr old body was amazing.  Growing pains are hard in the teenage years, but for a 25 yr old this was especially hard; the trauma Charlie hides has stunted her emotional and


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