High Country Spring Las Morenas #3 by Genevieve Turner

high country spring


Hunky Cowboy

Independent Woman

A Mercantile Marriage



Story Line:

Franny Morena is one of the heirs to the Morena Ranch; her father has spoiled her by allowing her to work by his side in total disregard to societies rules of the day.  Her brother Juan, will take over the leadership role once their father retires.


Franny knows no fear and will not fit into the mold that her family and the ranch foreman Felipe desire.  Felipe has set himself as Franny’s protector, watching over her in secret to keep her from harm of her own obstinate ways.


She wants to work the ranch; to use her abilities, Franny can run the ranch as well as any man.

From the first few page author, Genevieve Turner, created a character in Felipe that has a big problem he would deny if confronted.   He’s attracted to Franny and he knows he can never fit into her life.


He is on the outside looking in, sitting at the table but never sleeping in the big house, always the hired hand never the son.  Ms. Turner gave us a look at class distinction in 1903, but this was overcome by Ms. Turner as the story progressed.  Neither will he admit that he is close to loving Franny.


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