Diamonds For Christmas By Holly Blair


A Juniper Falls Holiday Romance

Diamonds For Christmas
Diamonds For Christmas










Ruby Parkers meddling Aunt Muriel and her sister are setting Ruby up with eligible bachelors.  However, each one has been a dud.  With Ruby alone after breaking her engagement to Declan Rossi a year ago, they have decided enough is enough;  they want her settled and married.

Little do they know, Declan is back in town and planning to stay.  He and Ruby decide to have a fake engagement to get Ruby’s family off her back and his family off his.  In steps fate, and things heat up for Declan and Ruby.  Will this fake engagement turn into the real thing?   My romance book reviews of Diamonds For Christmas follows.


Diamonds For Christmas is a second chance sweet romance.  A short read of seventy-seven pages, the reader finds a cute, sincere, abiding, love story.  Ruby has ghosts she must face and lay to rest before she can commit to Declan again.  However, fear has her in its grip.  Meanwhile, Declan is determined Ruby will not get away again.

Holly Blair created a light, cute, sweet, romance which can be read at any time of the year.  A second chance at love, with the same person, does not come often.  However, Ruby and Declan have a chance to grab love and happiness;  if Ruby can conquer her fears.  Bringing the story to an end with a crisis creates an opportunity for Ruby to face her fears head-on.  Set in the small town of Jupiter Falls, I liked the small town feel of the story, as well as, Aunt Muriel’s determination.  Blair’s scenes transitioned smoothly, and her writing flowed well.  As a result, Diamonds For Christmas is an easy book to read.


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