A Harvest of Thorns By Corban Addison



A Harvest of Thorns by Corban Addison
A Harvest Of Thorns, Cover




A Harvest of Thorns is an intense drama set in several countries.  Following the deaths of hundreds in a garment factory fire in Bangladesh, the author Corban Addison, gives the reader a look into the terrible trade of human suffering; in bondage to the mighty dollar.

One photograph of a young woman, sprawled on the ground with a brand name pair of pants around her head, gains international notice.  An intense investigation by the Presto company in America follows.  Cameron Alexander, general counsel, heads the investigation.  Secrets and terrible procedures are revealed as Cameron ferrets out the horrible truths.  Truths which will turn the reader’s stomach.

Joshua Griswold, former journalist, disgraced and reviled, receives information which will blow Presto sky-high. Contacted by a whistle-blower, Joshua sets out on journey and the story of a life time.   Joshua


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