Tears To Cheers By Stacy Eaton



Tears to Cheers by Stacy Eaton, cover
Tears To Cheers, Cover











Once upon a time a boy seventeen and a girl sixteen, fell in love and spent every possible minute together. He declared his undying love for her.  However, without a word the boy left town and the girl found she was pregnant.  He never contacted her again.  She had their baby, matured, became an ER nurse, and provided for their daughter.

This is the back drop of romance novel, Tears to Cheers.  However, fate will step in to bring resolution to this tale.  Fourteen years later that same boy, Ian Dugan, now a man, is laying in the ER with Linda Maxim standing over him.  Shocked beyond belief, Linda faints dead away.  Ian, badly injured, leaves Linda with lots of questions about why he is back in Celebration after so long.  Has he come back for her, does he know about their child Megan, why did he leave fourteen years ago, and why did he never contact her?  So many questions, mysteries, and problems needing resolution.


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