Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal By Victoria Pinder


The Marshall Family Saga

Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal
Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal










Eva Bishop, pregnant, alone, down to her last few cents, is offered an opportunity she can not pass up.  Brandon Campbell’s in need of a pregnant actress for his current movie project.  As well as, a spy to help him decide where all the over expenditures are going.   Desperate, Eva agrees;  she has always liked Brandon and agreeing to be his pretend girlfriend would be easy.

However, this simple job becomes complicated when emotions become involved.  Brandon finds his old attraction to Eva still exist.  While, Eva realizes Brandon’s a man who’s reliable, strong, and kind.  Will romance bloom in sunny California for Eva and Brandon?  Romance book reviews of Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal follow.


Victoria Pinder took a role I did not like from earlier books and developed Eva into a likable maturing person.  A standalone read, I subject you read the previous books to give you character and story depth.  Eva’s development and maturity begins after she finds herself pregnant

She’s determined to raise her child in a secure, loving environment.  Eva’s also a person of moral character as she believes in paying her debts;  which is how she finds herself broke.  Brandon’s the answer to her prayers.  Pinder developed Eva from a woman with many insecurities to one who knows her worth.

Brandon’s a knight in shining armor.  I loved his determination to care for Eva and her baby;  not realizing emotions will begin to play a part in their relationship.  Pinder built the romance between Eva and Brandon slowly as each wrestled with their past and insecurities.  Brandon knows something about Eva’s history which no one else knows;  resulting in how Eva saw herself and her qualities.


Last Stop At Paradise By Kristin Wallace



Shellwater Key Tales (Book 3)

Last Stop At Paradise ShellWater Key Tale Book 3
Last Stop At Paradise, Cover











Last Stop At Paradise, Book 3 of the Shellwater Key Series, has a wealth of emotions and a intense story-line relevant to today.  The backdrop in this book could appear in today’s news head lines.  Callie Dalton’s life imploded when her famous televangelist husband embezzled funds from his huge ministry and commits fraudulent acts.  Left in disgrace after he dies from a heart attack, Callie and her 2 children’s last resort’s her childhood home in Shellwater Key, which hold nightmares of its own. Meeting Noah Johnson, who she mistakes as her pool boy, goes from bad to worse as the only place to employer Callie also has Noah on staff.  Noah’s seen by the town as an angel in disguise;  kind, helpful, easy-going, and handsome as sin.  But Noah has secrets he has long harbored which could change everything.

The Paradise Dinner Theater, owned by Layla McCarthy, her friend from childhood is a lifesaver.  Callie’s given a chance to start life anew, as well as, finding a possible romance interest in the town’s resident handyman slash angel.  Can Callie let go of


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