Any Way You Want It By Monique McDonell



An Upper Crust Series Novel (The Upper Crust Series Book 5)

Any Way You Want It by Monique McDonell
Any Way You Want It, Cover











Author Monique McDonell created a sweet heartwarming romance in Any Way You Want It.  It is an entertaining light read which will hold your attention. Grab a comfortable seat because you will read this book straight through. Chloe ran from her former life, a member of a strict religious cult, straight into the arms of an unprincipled man.  Shy, introverted, naïve, and unworldly, Chloe ran when she realized what he was.  Finally finding a home with her Uncle in a small, close-knit town, Chloe runs the local ice cream parlor after his retirement.

Moose, AKA Tom, knew Chloe’s special from their first meeting.  Unsure how to get Chloe’s attention, Moose shows up just as the nightmare from her former life appears.  She has a stalker, who is ugly and vindictive, with plans to make her life miserable. Chloe’s terrified and thinks she’s all alone in her fight; she finds Moose, and the town has her back. Will shy introverted Chloe find happiness with outgoing, extroverted Moose?  Can Chloe overcome her insecurities to grab life with both hands?

Come along with Chloe, Moose, and the community as they fight evil, bring justice to Chloe, as well as, find happiness and love along the way.  My romance book reviews of Any Way You Want It, follows.


Although a well-crafted romance novel, McDonell filled this story with emotion and life lessons.  McDonell enables the


Loving You At Christmas By Kristen Wallace

Loving You At Christmas
Loving You At Christmas









Loving You At Christmas, unfortunately, is the last book in the Shellwater Key Tales series.  Former actress and Broadway star Annaliese Matheson feature in the finale of this excellent series.  Annaliese still grieves for her husband Matthew; Annaliese believes she will never love again. Her soul mate’s death left a hole in her soul and heart.  Noticing a handsome, sexy stranger on the beach, Annaliese begins to wake up from her three-year emotional sleep.

John-Luke “Duke” Evans, famous football star, finds himself raising his four nieces after his sister’s death.  Hot, sexy, and handsome, the women of Shellwater Key pant as he walks by; including the pregnant, married ones.  Meeting Annaliese, the attraction is immediate and intense.

Will Duke persuade Annaliese to give him a chance?  Or will Annaliese continue to grieve and mourn; living in the past.  My romance book reviews of Loving You At Christmas follows.


I am sad to say Loving You At Christmas, by author Kristen Wallace, ends our sojourn in Shellwater Key, Florida.  An excellent series of love and happily ever after, this book‘s a perfect ending for the series.  Kristen Wallace filled this story with intense emotion; grief, attraction, love, and romance.

Although a novella, Wallace, created a substantial tale which grabs the reader immediately.  With skillful plotting and well-developed characters, Wallace made this novella feel like a full-length novel.  I found the pace perfect for the length of the book and her writing flowed well;  making the book easy to read.  Her scenes transition from scene to scene smoothly and with vivid writing, I felt the character’s emotions.  My heart broke for Annaliese;  enduring a childhood, no child should and then the death of her anchor and soul mate, Matthew, brought tears to my eyes.  I could feel her resistance as she began to care for Duke and his nieces, as well as, Duke’s sorrow at the passing of his beloved sister.  Annaliese must face her fears of losing the ones she loves, but can she?


Love’s Chance By Emily Murdoch


Love's Chance
Love’s Chance










Katherine, aka Kitty, Morrison’s life went to Hades in the last three years.  Running off at sixteen with Mr. Ernest Gilman, life did not proceed as she thought it would.  Now considered a fallen woman, prostitution’s her only option.  Working day and night, finally, a man comes into her life who knows someone in Sweet Grove.  Sweet Grove, where her sister Elizabeth purchased land;  how ironic, that Thomas Bryant and Katherine, searching for the same thing, will team up as man and wife in a marriage of convenience.  Traveling from Nacogdoches to Sweet Grove, Texas will they become a united couple?

Sweet Grove represents forgiveness, second chances, and security.  Thomas, however, has an agenda of his own; alienated from his family and ashamed of his behavior, Thomas has his own insecurities.  Will these two find what they need?  Can love bloom or will love once again be a let down for Kitty?  Will Sweet Groves occupants welcome them or turn them away in horror?  My romance book reviews of Love’s Chance follows.


The Sweet Grove Series by author Emily Murdoch grabs the reader immediately as Murdoch penned an emotional heart grabbing tale of second chances, forgiveness, and love.  How sad the only option open for a fallen woman in 1841 is to prostitute herself for survival.  I felt Kitty’s desperation and sorrow in the house of prostitution.  While Thomas feels shame for his past and the things he did to his family; each emotion’s pungent.  Murdoch‘s descriptive writing’s vivid; I could see the people, the smell the odors, and feel the emotions of Thomas and Kitty.


Love At Long Last By Emily Woods


Triple Range Ranch Western Romance Book 3

Love At Long Last
Love At Long Last










Valerie Hillcrest, raised by wealthy parents, expected to marry a man thirty years her senior, loves her oldest friend.  Unable to abide her father’s decision, she’s sets off to find the love of her life, Thomas Wellington.  Valerie hired a private detective who discovers Thomas’ location. Thomas ran from his wealthy family when sixteen.  Unable to follows his fathers desire for him to take over the family business, Thomas left for the free life in the West.   Thomas, working on the Triple Range ranch for the last five years, can not believe his eyes when Valerie descends from a wagon; announcing to all she’s his fiancee.

Ah, “the tangled web we weave when first we practice to decease”.  Thomas realizes his lies are about to catch-up with him.  Will Valerie persuade Thomas to go back East?  How will she fit in on this working ranch in her costly clothes, precise proper English, and manners?  Will attraction and love bloom between Thomas and Valerie?   My romance book reviews of Love At Long Last follows.


In Love At Long Last, Thomas’ carefully constructed life was imploding around him. Woods crafted Thomas’ dismay at the turn of events with skill.  Woods crafted this book with skillful and clean clear writing which made it an easy read.  A continuation of the Triple Range series, this book will hold the readers attention from the first pages.  I love books with recurring characters as they allow us to catch up with their lives.  I enjoyed revisiting the Triple Range again.


Second Time’s The Charm by Rychards, Cortelyou, Dixon, Gray, Sharp



A Summer Romance Boxed Set by Authors:  Robyn Rychards, Holly Cortelyou, Ja’Nese Dixon, Khardine Gray, T. S. Sharp

Second Time's The Charm
Second Time’s The Charm








SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM is a boxed set of 5 wonderful summer romance novella’s.  You may have noticed I usually review one or two books from the collections.  This time I reviewed each book.  Therefore, this review will be longer than my usual post.




In The Second Time’s The Charm containing, The Bodyguards’s Catch we find, Jordyn Souliere, who needs money desperately; then fate dropped an opportunity of a lifetime into her lap.  Unfortunately, she will have to go against her principles to cash in on the photo’s and video of famous singing artist Maximillian Chanteur’s broke up with his girlfriend.

To make matters worse, her first love, Remo Vashenko is Chanteur’s bodyguard.  Remo left her without a word and never returned.  Now, he is standing in front of her, grabbing her phone and hauling her out of the bathroom stall where she hid.

Can Remo and Jordy resolve this situation peacefully?   Will Remo and Jordyn resolve old hurts and forge a new relationship?  My romance book review of Second Time’s The Charm, The Bodyguards Catch follows.


Although a sweet clean romance, The Bodyguard’s Catch, also has a mystery.  Remo, the poor kid from the other side of the tracks, fell in love with Jordyn in high school. But a crisis forced him to make a choice which left Jordyn still hurting years later.


Sole Connection By William ODay



Sole Connection by William O'Day
Sole Connection, Cover



Sole Connection follows a short span of time in the life of Charles Wilder.  Professor Wilder’s life was wonderful.  He loved his wife, Isabel, to distraction; they both loved and cherished their daughter, Emily.  Life was good.  Then fate stepped in and Charles and Emily’s life imploded, only to rebound and implode again.  How much can a daughter and father take and still go on?  Do the Gods look down and laugh at the anguish humans endure?  My review of  Sole Connection follows.



Although I fully expected I would not like this short story, I found myself immediately enmeshed in the pages and longing for more at the end of the bookSole Connection is an intense look into the life of Charles Wilder; a look which left me in tears. I felt his anguish and sense of lost as well as his hope and joy.  ODay skillfully crafted this story-line, filling the pages full of human emotions and desires.  He also demonstrated we are at the mercy of something other than ourselves and what we wish or want.

ODay created a love story of such large portions, I was amazed at the emotions I felt.  This is not your typical romance by


What The Heart Can Hold By Charlotte Symonds


What the heart can hold
What The Heart Can Hold, Cover

The heart can bear a tremendous amount of pain and still hold an abundance of happiness. as you experience more of life’s intense pleasures and extreme depths of despair you will learn just what the heart can hold.”




Every well written book should invoke intense emotion in the reader.   Author Charlotte Symonds has penned such a book in What The Heart Can Hold.  This is an intense emotional love story filled with drama, humor, loneliness, love, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  What The Heart Can Hold is presented in the first person view of the main two characters in alternating chapters.  As a result, the reader is given insight into the main characters thoughts and feelings.   Good girl Marissa and worldly Hans meet and the attraction is immediate.  Marissa, a virgin, had almost given up on finding Mr. Right.  Upon meeting Hans, she realizes this is something special.

What follows is a whirlwind romance with a surprise gripping ending which will remain with you long after


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