Tricked To Marry By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 3)

Tricked To Marry
Tricked To Marry









Tricked To Marry by author Emma Harper has Tricked To Marry and 15 other wonderful stories.  What a buy, 16 stories for the price of one.  I chose to review Tricked To Marry and The Sheriff’s Broken Bride.  All stories have a sweet clean romance set in the west.


In Tricked To Marry, we find Caroline, school teacher, in a small town in the west.  Coming from the East for a new life in the west, she loves her job and the town.  Desiring a husband and family, men are scarce and few are available.  At twenty-two she’s given up on finding a husband, much less love, when fate steps in taking the form of Winona.  Winona, friend, landlord, and confidant’s determined to find Caroline a husband; even if she has to tell a few lies and use subterfuge by answering a mail order bride ad.  One candidate, Kenneth, appears on the horizon and Winona’s determined to get him for Caroline. My review romance book review of Tricked To Marry follows.


In Tricked To Marry, we find, unbeknownst to Winona and Caroline, each have the same man in mind for Caroline’s future husband. Harper gave Winona a matchmaker personality which she used for Caroline’s benefit.  Winona unaware Caroline’s already has her heart on the same man as Winona wrote, does all she can to get them together. I found it hilarious Carolina had met Winona’s candidate already and attraction followed on both sides.


Tears To Cheers By Stacy Eaton



Tears to Cheers by Stacy Eaton, cover
Tears To Cheers, Cover











Once upon a time a boy seventeen and a girl sixteen, fell in love and spent every possible minute together. He declared his undying love for her.  However, without a word the boy left town and the girl found she was pregnant.  He never contacted her again.  She had their baby, matured, became an ER nurse, and provided for their daughter.

This is the back drop of romance novel, Tears to Cheers.  However, fate will step in to bring resolution to this tale.  Fourteen years later that same boy, Ian Dugan, now a man, is laying in the ER with Linda Maxim standing over him.  Shocked beyond belief, Linda faints dead away.  Ian, badly injured, leaves Linda with lots of questions about why he is back in Celebration after so long.  Has he come back for her, does he know about their child Megan, why did he leave fourteen years ago, and why did he never contact her?  So many questions, mysteries, and problems needing resolution.


Revenants The Odyssey Home By Scott Kauffman




Revenants The Odyssey Home, by Scot Kauffman, Cover
Revenants The Odyssey Home, Cover




Revenants:  noun

1.  a person who returns after a lengthy absence
2.  a person who returns as a spirit after death; ghost







In Revenants The Odyssey Home, Scott Kauffman creates an intensely emotional and revealing contemporary novel spanning decades.  Grieving the death of her beloved brother in Viet Nam, Betsy struggles to survive and continue on.  Working at the local VA Hospital as a candy-stripper, the pet project of Congressman Mark Hanna, Betsy finds a mystery.  She discovers a secret patient known only to a select few.   Determined to solve the mystery of the patient sequestered on the top floor, she will encounter the depths to which man can fall in his search for vengeance.

Congressman Hanna rules small town Hanna, Ohio as if it is his personal kingdom, including the VA Hospital.  As a result, he has managed to keep a horrible secret for 50 years.  However, grieving Betsy’s determined to return this unknown and unnamed soldier home.   So begins a journey of grief, discovery, secrets revealed, and consequences made known.

This intense journey highlights the depths and cruelty of war for the combatants as well as the ones left


These Heroic Happy Dead By Luke Mogelson

These heroic happy dead



Author Luke Mogelson’s, These Heroic Happy Dead, has ten short stories highlighting the costs and effect of military conflict. Each story is different yet some intersect.  These are intense stories which at times you will question what just happened.



Author Luke Mogelson expertly shows the cost of war to our military personnel. As a result, this book is edgy and insightful as it demonstrates the effect of conflict on our military


The Dove (Wings of the West Book 2) By Kristy McCaffrey

The Dove


The Soiled Dove?

The Ex-Lawman

Let The Adventure Begin!



We find Claire and Logan’s story in Book 2 of the Wings of the West; this a fast paced mystery romance revealing the mysterious life of Claire Waters.  Claire’s life has not been a bed of roses, far from it.  Come find out Claire’s secrets and Logan Ryan’s story.


Author Kristy McCaffrey has penned another winner.  This time we have the story of Logan Ryan and Claire Waters, characters from The Wren, Wings of West, Book 1.

Logan heads to Las Vegas to check Claire Waters’ welfare; their ranch hand, Lester Williams, has not returned to the ranch after delivering Claire to Las Vegas.  Logan finds him recovering from a fever; he doesn’t have a lot of information on Claire and her situation.

Logan, outside the White Dove Saloon finds a woman suddenly barreling out of the Saloon, falling


Never Too Late by Jo Barney

Never too late

Is It Ever Too Late To Live Life?

This Is A Must Read Book.

All I can say is wow! This was an emotional roller-coaster ride. For me it was a story of guilt, giving up, disillusionment, unhappiness, and settling for second best or maybe even fifth or sixth best.

But the real story beneath all the emotion, is it is never too late to begin again.  The author, Jo Barney, is talented and it shows in this book.

Edith is in her sixties, she was born in the time period that demanded marriage if one committed the unpardonable and became pregnant; their lives became a study of settling, making do, just existing,


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