A June Wedding by Emily Murdoch



A June Wedding By Emily Murdoch
A June Wedding, cover











A June Wedding follows Victoria Walsingham and Isaac Quinn, the son of the Duke of Daventry. Victoria and Isaac, raised as neighbors, played and romped their childhood away together; later she fell in love with Isaac.  When Isaac informs her he can never marry her because of her station, her heart’s broken.

Victoria suddenly finds herself in demand when her brother inherits the title of Earl of Cheshire. She goes from poor to wealthy over night.  After a season in London, she returns to her country home to find an invitation to Isaac’s wedding.  However, Isaac and Victoria can not stay away from each other; he manages to break her heart anew each time they meet.

Will these two ever find happiness together or are they destined to remain apart?  Can love conquer all?  My reviews for romance novel, A June Wedding, follows.


Emily Murdoch created a multi-faceted character in Isaac.  I ran a gauntlet of emotions for him.  I found I wanted to shake him until his eyes rolled in his head and other times I wanted to slap him silly. Then he would be sweet and I was cheering


A Michaelmas Wager by Emily Murdoch



A Regency Romance

A Michaelmas Wager By Emily Murdoch
A Michaelmas Wager, cover











Rufus Lovell and Juliana Honeyfield feature in author Emily Murdoch’s regency romance novel, A Michaelmas Wager, along with Juliana’s best friend and cousin Audrey.  Rufus came into his father’s wealth after the death of his waster brother.  Falling in with a group of rowdy lazy drunkards from power and wealth, Rufus finds himself the center of their latest escapade.  This wager will not turn out as the group thinks; at the center of the wager stands Miss Juliana Honeyfield.  At the latest party in Hyde Park, waging Rufus will not marry the first woman to drink from the punch by Michaelmas, the rowdy bunch waits for the recipient of Rufus’ suit.  Juliana’s the innocent dupe in their game as she fills her cup from the punch bowl.

So begins a match of hearts, misunderstandings, and deception, as Rufus with Juliana unaware of the


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