Emerald Glory By Renee Vincent


 (Vikings of Honor, Book 2)

Emerald Glory
Emerald Glory










Emerald Glory, the story of Breandán Mac Liam and Mara, daugther of Callan, the King of Connacht, follows these two thru war-torn land towards love.  The reader will remember Mara and Breandán from Sunset Fire by Vincent.  Book 2 finds a widowed Mara seven years later raising a son.  Mara’s raising her son alone, and watched over by Tait her deceased husbands best friend.  Breandán’s given the task of returning Mara to the King. 

Breandán loved Mara from the first time he saw her.  Knowing he’s beneath her social class, he loves her from afar.  Married to a Northman (Viking) and widowed, Mara’s summoned home to her dying king and father.   Breandán jumps at the chance to bring Mara home.  Come follow with Breandán and Mara in this wonderful love story.  My reviews for romance novel, Emerald Glory, follows.


Emerald Fire continues the epic story of Mara, who finds all’s not lost when Dægan died.  Seven years after his death, Breandán comes to escort Mara home to her dying father.  Creating a story filled with conflict, long-held secrets, conspiracies, and, of course romance, Jenkins continued her tale of Viking honor.  Breandán is the perfect knight in shining amour, kind, compassionate, giving, and honorable. Mara knew he had declared his love 7 years earlier, however, she wondered could that love have survived this long time.  As the saying goes, “true love is timeless”.  


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