Seducing Susannah By E. E. Burke



The Bride Train Book 4

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Seducing Susannah by E. E. Burke












In Seducing Susannah, author E. E. Burke continues her story of the train brides.  Widow Susannah Braddock hasn’t found a husband, and Ross Hardt is still the bane of her existence.  Susannah and the last 2 future brides live in the boarding house, working almost as slaves for the owner, in exchange for room and board.  Needless to say Susannah’s son, Danny, at seven is a barrel of energy; never still and always into something.  After his last mishap Susannah ’s told to leave.  Needing a job and a place to stay, she doesn’t know what they will do.  Coming to her rescue, Ross offers a job and a room.  Ross has an ulterior motive.  He needs a wife to inherit his father’s ranch and he sees Susannah as a prime candidate.

Susannah has secrets; secrets which can ruin her carefully constructed life.  Secrets she can not  tell for fear of losing what she cherishes most.  Determined to win Susannah, become a father to Danny, and go home to Texas, Ross proceeded to court


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