Caught by Lolita London

Caught by Lolita London


The Young Handsome Doctor

A Radical New Medical Treatment

And The Beautiful Thief



A hot young doctor in the Victorian Era with a radical new treatment for women’s hysteria.  Can you see where this is going?  Read on for a Victorian romp!


Dr. Thomas Winterbourne has a radical new therapy for women’s hysteria.   The only problem with the therapy,  it leaves Doctor Winterbourne in a state of arousal.  Ashamed, Dr. Winterbourne finds relief at the local brothel with Maggie Green;  he lets slip that he is looking for a new maid.  Maggie contacts Andy


Conflicted on 5th Avenue By Abbie St. Claire

Conflicted on 5th avenue



Handsome Talented Doctor

Beautiful Next Door Neighbor

Love And Romance on 5th Avenue





Author Abbie St. Claire has created an emotional novel of need, insecurities, and love. Widower Dr. Ian Briggs is raising his son, Oliver, trying to deal with his wife’s death, and has a thriving surgical career.  He will do anything for his small son including moving from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas to insure


The Midwife’s Tale by Delia Parr

the Midwife's Tale



Christian Fiction






Martha Cade is a midwife in 1830 Pennsylvania. She is excellent at her job. However her world is about to spin out of control and the events will test her faith in herself, community, and her deep faith in God.


After a delivery she receives word that her 17-year-old daughter Victoria has run away with a theater troupe. Martha immediately goes in search of her daughter leaving her home and obligations behind. Martha will return home without her daughter to face the town she left 3 months earlier.


She will find things have changed during her fruitless journey.  Martha feels shame and deep anger over


Rescuing An Angel By Ann Jacobs

Book Review

Contemporary Romance

After a very trying surgery Dan Newman, surgeon, literally bowled over Gayla Levin in the hospital hallway. Rescuing an Angel All Gayla wanted to do was deliver an envelope to her estranged domineering father Dr. Eli Levine; she is not happy to find herself laying on the floor.


Dan was immediately attracted to Gayle.  Gayle thinks all doctors have a “God complex” but still the attraction hits her.


Dan has a physical handicap, so much so, Dr Levine tried to persuade him not to become a surgeon.  Gayle’s handicap is not physical but emotional and mental.  Dan has overcome his handicap but just as in life, Dan is thrown a curse ball to overcome.


Gayle picked herself up out of the bottle and  pills to try to redeem her life, to make a difference in others lives, Dan can give the support she needs.  Mrs. Jacobs portrayed the sexual tension, frustration, and family discord very well.


The attraction between Dan and Gayle was fire hot. Their thoughts about each both could melt cold steel.  The love scenes burn up the pages.


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