How to Make Lavender Powdered Deodorizer

As you know I can not use any manufactured produced due to a medical condition.  I have found a way to make the sheets and pillows on my bed smell wonderful.  I use lavender powder and below I have described the steps I take.





  • Good quality lavender flowers or buds.  Only buy good quality from a reliable source.
  • Small shaker bottle.  I use clean and sterilized spice bottles with the shaker top. (tops with smaller hole work the best)
  • Baking Soda
  • Inexpensive electric coffee bean grinder.


How To Make Hair Spray From Oranges




How to Use The Mighty Orange For Hair Spray


I posted a recipe for DIY hairspray some time ago.  I wanted to give you an update.  I always made this spray with lemons for light hair as my hair is grey.  Two weeks ago I needed hair spray, all I had was a huge orange; I mean a HUGE orange.  I decided to use this BIG boy for my spray.

I cut in rounds, added two cups of filtered water to pot and simmered down to 1 cup total.  After it cooled, I


DIY Bleach

I finally got the photo from computer-land of what you will need to make recipe.  It only took 24 hr for computer-land to spit it out.

Today we are going to make our own bleach.  That’s right, you can make your own for a lot less  than the stuff you buy in town and this recipe will not make you cough and hack.

It is an easy, quick recipe and works great.  I found this on the internet several years ago.  I can’t remember the site.  If anyone knows, please let me know I will give them credit. By the way, there are hundreds of recipes for bleach on the internet, this is the one I use.


3 cups of hydrogen peroxide (big box store has      this cheap)

3 cups of water

3 Tablespoons of citric acid.  (I use food grade because that is what I have on hand)

Mix all together, place in a DARK BOTTLE, MUST BE DARK, as hydrogen peroxide losses its strength when exposed to light. Use as you would bleach. Just as you would with manufactured Clorox, Do Not mix anything with product( such as ammonia),  I don’t know what chemical reaction it would produce.

Yes, it will bleach out color in color clothes. I have spots on a pair of jeans.


Now for the legal stuff:  This recipe has not been approved by any gov agency, FDA, scientist, etc.  Make and use at your own risk.

Update on orange cleaner made of orange peels and vinegar

Remember I told you about an orange cleaner recipe I was going to make and if it worked I would post the orangerecipe.  I used the recipe and I love it.  I cleaned my frig, counter tops, bathroom toilet, sinks, cutting board, and stove; it worked great.

I originally found this recipe on the following site:

She has beautiful photos of the product as well as a description.  Take a look at her site.

I am going to tell you what I did.

You will need


How To Make DIY Hairspray with lemons or oranges



As I promised:

following is my do it yourself (DIY) hairspray.  No, it’s not commercial hairspray that is full of bad stuff for your hair and it wont hold a Mack truck in place.  It is an alternative spray. I love it.  I use the lemons in my recipe as I have grey hair, if you have dark hair use oranges. There are many recipes on the internet for DIY hairspray. I found this one on This site has many wonderful recipes you can make and I have found their recipes are reliable and their information is accurate.

Recipe for Hairspray from

You will need:

1 orange for dark hair or lemon for light hair(organic if possible)

2 cups distilled or filtered water

2-3 tablespoons of high-proof vodka or a clear gain alcohol(the first time I went to the ABC Store I almost crawled in and out of the store, I had never been in an ABC Store. I felt as if everyone in my community was watching me)  🙂 🙂

6-8 drops of lavender essential oil(100% essential not fragrance oils) I do use the any oils in my spray as I have multiple chemical sensitivity and any highly scented product will induce an asthma attack. THIS IS OPTIONAL



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