The Everett Exorcism By Lincoln Cole


World of Shadows Book 1

The Everett Exorcism
The Everett Exorcism










Father Niccolo Paladina arrives in Everett to investigate a report of demon possession.  Quickly Paladina realizes something’s not right in Everett.  Although he can not put his finger on the problem, he feels the strangeness in every cell of his body.

As strange things begin to happen an old enemy shows up;  Paladina realizes things are spiraling out of control. He’s in for the surprise of a lifetime as he discovers demons exist;  not as part of his imagination, but in the real world.  His horror increases as he finds the citizens of Everett are in serious trouble.  My book reviews of The Everett Exorcism follows.


Where do I start with this review?  I am not sure I can do the book justice;  however, I will attempt to peak your interest in this captivating bookLincoln Cole hooked me in the chilling prologue and held me in the palm of his hand through the rest of the book.  As I read The Everett Exorcism, I found my heart pounding and chills on my arms. What an intriguing, scary read!

Father Niccolo Paladina, Father Jackson Reynolds, and demon Hunter Arthur Vangeest bring realism to this tale of demons, God, and the Catholic Church.  I loved watching the characters grow and mature as Cole fully developed their style and personality.  Cole included an array of secondary characters which brought depth to the storyline.  As a result, The Everett Exorcism‘s an intense, action-packed drama of the age-old battle between good and evil.  With elements of the paranormal, horror, religion, greed, and power, Cole crafted an intriguing emotional tale;  including an Exorcist who does not believe in demons brought originality and realism to the story.


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