The Wrong Bride By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 4)

The Wrong Bride
The Wrong Bride









The Wrong Bride contains a collection of 15 bonus western romance stories and the lead story, The Wrong Bride.  A fantastic deal for readers; a total of 16 mail order bride stories with a total page count of 1095, for the price of one.  I chose to review the lead story The Wrong Bride.


In The Wrong Bride, Bethany finds herself pregnant and unwed.  She has her friend, Carol, answer a mail order bride advertisement from a man out west, correspond, and agree to marry Cody Bowles in her name.  Cody has a house ready and impatiently waits for his bride.  When her lover and father of her child proposes, Bethany ask Carol to break the news to Cody; she will not be coming to marry him.

Carol unattached after recently breaking up with her fiancé, does not have the heart to write Cody the bad news.  She wants a husband and family to love and if Bethany doesn’t want Cody, she does.  She decides to take Bethany’s place and marry Cody; using Bethany’s name she arrives to find Cody very sick.

Nursing Cody, Carol has an immediate attraction to this large handsome man; Carol finds she can’t tell him she’s not Bethany.  What is she going to do?  Can she stand in front of God, in his house of worship, and marry Cody under another


The Unforgettable Sheikh By Barbara McMahon


Ultimate Billionaires Book 4

The Unforgettable Sheikh
The Unforgettable Sheikh, Cover











The Unforgettable Sheikh, a wonderful continuance of Barbara McMahon’s Ultimate Billionaires Series, highlights the old adage:  What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.  In book 4 we find Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah, aka Ben, and Chloe.  While incognito at Berkley, Karif/Ben met and fell in love with Chloe;  withholding information about his family, background, and status.  Long days and nights of love, attending college and planning the future which included marriage, suddenly came to a screeching halt.  Karif/Ben disappeared from Chloe’s life without any explanation, never to contact her again;  a naïve young Chloe’s devastated for more than one reason.

Ten years later, Chloe photographing the historical oil treaty between Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah, his country, and America.  She’s beyond shocked to find Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah’s her Ben from college.  Karif recognizes Chloe in the group; he’s determined to renew the love of his life, the pursuit is on.  


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