Montana Man by DeAnn Smallwood

Montana Man





Ben spent 4 yrs in Yuma Prison; aptly name “Hell Hole”. Those years turned him from a boy to a very bitter man, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.


He had received treatment within those walls no one should have to endure. His one driving need is to prove himself innocent & seek revenge. After release he is near death on the banks on the river. Wisteria is a spinster caring for her widowed brother’s child, Robin.


Wisteria’s brother sent for her under devious means then left her alone with the baby in near poverty. Baby Robin just made me want to smile. Author DeAnn Smallwood created a wonderful character in Baby Robin; she brought a wonderful element to this story. Wisteria finds Ben, sick, fevered, and unconscious, nurses him back to


Unconquerable Callie by DeAnn Smallwood

Book Review

This is a wonderful western with Callie as the heroine. Her spinster Aunt Bertha, who late in life has Unconquerable Callierecently married, raised Callie. The new husband has a nephew, who needs a wife. Aunt Bertha thinks Callie needs a husband.


Callie is a woman out of step with the time; she is smart, stubborn, independent, and determined. She refused to fit the mold of the day, so she runs away to find her dream, a bakery in South Pass Wyoming.


Woven thru this story are the realities of crossing to the west on a wagon train; this is the story of one of those crossings. Only strong men and women survived the trip, Callie is one of those women. Callie grows into a strong woman who has a smart mind that earned the respect of her fellow travelers.


Her opinions were respected and sought out. The way west was harsh, Callie became a woman who met each challenge as well as any man as she faces, raging rivers, heat, unforgiving terrain, disease, and Indians, earning the respect and love of the Seth, the wagon captain.


What a character in Callie, author DeAnn Smallwood created. I chuckled as I read some of Callie’s antics in dealing as a woman in a mans world. I thought I would howl when Seth was oh so


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