Raffles To Rattles By Stacy Eaton


The Celebration Series Book 8

Raffles to Rattles
Raffles to Rattles



In author Stacy Eaton’s latest book, Raffles To Rattles, book 8 of the Celebration Series, we find Sophia Thayer and Scott Allen, battling each other and their situation.  Sophia won a date with Scott at the Valentine’s Day Auction.  After a short relationship, they went separate ways, except for one explosive intense night on Mother’s Day.

Sophia, in need of money for house repairs and students loans, applies to dance at the new gentleman’s club in town.  Sophia, once an exotic dancer and hired on her first night, is horrified to find Scott and his friends in the audience.  But that’s just her first surprise.  The gentleman’s club owner, Quinn Monroe, has taken a liking to Sophia;  after throwing up for days Sophia receives a huge surprise courtesy of a pg test stick, and Scott’s insisting on marriage.  To say Scott frowns on her dancing would be an understatement; he feels anger, jealousy, and shame.

Can Sophia and Scott find a middle ground in which work out their love life?  Will Scott ever realize dancing does not make Sophia a bad person nor the dancing unsavory?   The road to love is rocky filled with pit falls and holes.  My review for romance novel, Raffles To Rattles, follows.


Once again, Stacy Eaton, created another wonderful chapter in the life of Celebration’s citizens.  In Raffles to Rattles, book 8, we find relationship shy Sophia paired with Scott who desires love, marriage, and children.  Sophia’s childhood left her wary of marriage and all its trappings.  Sophia’s growth was progressive as she came to understand what she really wanted. As a result, beginning to trust Scott, she opens up to life’s possibilities.  


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