Revenants The Odyssey Home By Scott Kauffman




Revenants The Odyssey Home, by Scot Kauffman, Cover
Revenants The Odyssey Home, Cover




Revenants:  noun

1.  a person who returns after a lengthy absence
2.  a person who returns as a spirit after death; ghost







In Revenants The Odyssey Home, Scott Kauffman creates an intensely emotional and revealing contemporary novel spanning decades.  Grieving the death of her beloved brother in Viet Nam, Betsy struggles to survive and continue on.  Working at the local VA Hospital as a candy-stripper, the pet project of Congressman Mark Hanna, Betsy finds a mystery.  She discovers a secret patient known only to a select few.   Determined to solve the mystery of the patient sequestered on the top floor, she will encounter the depths to which man can fall in his search for vengeance.

Congressman Hanna rules small town Hanna, Ohio as if it is his personal kingdom, including the VA Hospital.  As a result, he has managed to keep a horrible secret for 50 years.  However, grieving Betsy’s determined to return this unknown and unnamed soldier home.   So begins a journey of grief, discovery, secrets revealed, and consequences made known.

This intense journey highlights the depths and cruelty of war for the combatants as well as the ones left


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