Life On A Tobacco Farm By Vera Morton Mallard

This article is written from my memories as a child and teenager. I wish I could take a trip back to experience it all over again just for a day.  Before too long, no one will remember the way of life I will describe because those of us who lived it will be gone.  Rural farms are disappearing just as King Tobacco has disappeared.  Now, instead of growing tobacco, the land sets forlorn or is growing houses, condos, apartments, or mobile homes.




Life on a tobacco farm was hard back-breaking work.

I grew up in the South during a time when tobacco was King.  Everyone we knew grew, harvested, and cured tobacco in eastern rural North Carolina.

It was our cash crop and the only way of making a living for our families.  This was before we knew how harmful tobacco products were to our health.

We rose early on the farm when tobacco season was in full swing.  My father would rise around 4 in the


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