Long Journey Home By Caroline Johnson


Rocky Brook Cowboys Book 1

Long Journey Home
Long Journey Home










In Long Journey Home, Holly raised on the Rocky Brook Ranch, finds herself headed back home; without a job and little money left in the bank.  Never wanting the ranch life of dirt, manure, and hard work, she made her mark in the big city.  When her company merges with another, she lost her job.  Looking for work for six months, Holly has no choice except return to Rocky Brook and her family.

Upon her arrival, Spence, a nuisance from her childhood, meets her at the car. However, he’s matured and turned into a handsome man she does not recognize. Her sister reveals his identity to Holly.  From here Holly’s thrown into further disarray; for she feels immediate attraction.  However, Holly does not want to live on a ranch, the city life’s for her.

Holly finds she can not tell her father why she’s back; although she does tell her sisters and mother.  She’s afraid he will consider her a failure and she’ll see disappointment on his face.  How will Holly tell her father about her situation?  Will love bloom between Spence and Holly?  Will Spence convince Holly he will give her the life she wants on the ranch along with his love?  My romance book review of Long Journey Home follows


Long Journey Home’s a sweet contemporary romance filled with angst and family dynamics.  None us want to let down our parent, Johnson shows how unnecessary our worries.  As Holly found in Long Journey Home, parents love unconditionally even when we think they’re disappointed.


Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Book Review

Emet is the chef at the Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe, he is also an ex-con released after 10 years spent in the Big House for manslaughter.  Eden Rose, a reformed alcoholic, is Emet’s boss and fount of 2nd helpings at th serve youwisdom.  Eden Rose’s one liners were wonderful and full of sage advice. I loved them.


She befriends everyone and dispenses her brand of wisdom and help.  Emet has met someone he wants to date, Mercedes; he has a dilemma how does he tell her he is an ex-con.


Mercedes has her own problems, her mom left Mercedes and her brother Clay her house when she moved into assisted living.  Mercedes promised that Clay could always stay in the house.  Clay, is a good for nothing low life junkie that does not work nor does he want to work; dope is his life.


Mercedes is moving out and leaving Clay in the house, and Clay is livid.  Clay doesn’t want to lose his


A Minor Shift by Tabitha Conall

a minor shift



Shifter Novella





Bowie Garrison is a lion shifter and he has an obsession, its’ name is Eva.   His lion is loose after Eva refuses his attentions. Their first kiss is earth-shaking and Bowie marks her with his scent.


Eva, is a jaguar shifter, and  is not ready for a mate; her career is first now.  Eva had seen what trying to have a mate, a family,  and a career had done to her mother.   Eva will find that with Bowie she can have it


Justified (Book 2 Mended Hearts Series) by Varina Denman



Contemporary Christian Novel

Fantastic Novel


Although this is Book 2 of the series, Mended Hearts,  it is a stand alone novel. However, I would suggest you read Jaded first, as it will give you an in-depth look at Trapp, its citizens and the Church in Trapp.


This story will take us back to Trapp, Texas, small town America and it’s still the same gossip laden town it was in Jaded.  To give you some background, Fawn Blaylock is trying to put her life back together.  Alone, pregnant, and almost penniless, she is befriended by Ruthie Turner and Ruthie’s family which includes JohnScott.  JohnScott will become a major part of this book.


Fawn’s daddy, Neil, is the richest man in Trapp and an hypocritical Christian. Fawn had lived the life of 


Holding Fire By Scott Hughes Short Stories of Self Destruction


I will admit I have on more than one occasion skipped the introduction to a book, I want to get to the meat Holding Fireof book, fast. I am glad I did not with this one, I started this book with a thoughtful mind in regards to vengeance, holding on to it and its self-destructive traits.

Running with Guilt by Maggie Stancu was proof of the old adage if you seek revenge, go ahead and dig two graves, one for them and one for you.  Ms. Stancu proved this adage in this story and did so very well.


The victim kills Vic’s sister. Vic wanted revenge for her sister death. Vic found she was not as cold-blooded as she thought, she had a conscience.


Dog Eat Dog by Joy Meenah.  Ms. Meenah certainly proved that vengeance is a two-sided sword. Pam is the supervisor from hell. She demoralized the office. She had a secret agenda.  Pam found she had met her match in the lowly employee, Elaine.  Elaine is much more than she seemed. Ms. Meenah did such a


Rescuing An Angel By Ann Jacobs

Book Review

Contemporary Romance

After a very trying surgery Dan Newman, surgeon, literally bowled over Gayla Levin in the hospital hallway. Rescuing an Angel All Gayla wanted to do was deliver an envelope to her estranged domineering father Dr. Eli Levine; she is not happy to find herself laying on the floor.


Dan was immediately attracted to Gayle.  Gayle thinks all doctors have a “God complex” but still the attraction hits her.


Dan has a physical handicap, so much so, Dr Levine tried to persuade him not to become a surgeon.  Gayle’s handicap is not physical but emotional and mental.  Dan has overcome his handicap but just as in life, Dan is thrown a curse ball to overcome.


Gayle picked herself up out of the bottle and  pills to try to redeem her life, to make a difference in others lives, Dan can give the support she needs.  Mrs. Jacobs portrayed the sexual tension, frustration, and family discord very well.


The attraction between Dan and Gayle was fire hot. Their thoughts about each both could melt cold steel.  The love scenes burn up the pages.


Bride By Mistake By Nicole Helm

This contemporary love story features, good girl virgin Kaitlin and sad seed, bad boy, playboy, Beckett; two Bride by Mistakepeople who do everything they can to live up to what people think and want of them.


Good Girl Kaitlin has been in love with a fantasy, Carter, since elementary school; a fantasy that proposes to and marries her sister. Kaitlin is devastated. Both meet again at the wedding of rich fine reputation Carter and Wild sister Sierra. Beckett had always rubbed Kaitlin the wrong way, and she did her best to rub right back.



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