The Secret Life of Book Club By Heather Woodhaven


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The Secret Life of Book Club
The Secret Life of Book Club










In The Secret Life of Book Club, four neighbors formed a book club two years ago. Living life day-to-day, same old, same old, Jeanine decides to mix things up.  Suggesting each week, rather than read about adventure, they should participate in an adventure.  Something each woman had wanted and never done.  So, Anne, Paula, Jeanine, and Kate set out on an adventure of renewal, discovery, and perhaps, deep lasting friendship.  But things will become complicated before long as family dynamics and relationships come into play.  My inspirational romance book reviews of The Secret Life Of Book Club follows.


Heather Woodhaven created an intensely introspective story in The Secret Life Of Book Club.  Each woman’s family, dreams, past, and problems, high-lighted skillfully by Woodhaven, made a book I could not put down.  The four find, although neighbors and members of the same neighborhood book club, they did not really know each other.  Whether single mothers, harassed mothers, divorced, or just plain taken for granted, each woman will find encouragement, renewal, and companionship.   They find the rut they’re stick in, is no more;  they learn to live life rather than exist day-to-day in the endless round of domesticity.

At times funny, I laughed out loud;  then other times in tears, as Woodhaven skillfully developed the story-line.  Heather Woodhaven aptly penned the rut we can all get into as we journey through marriage and friendship;  life can become dull, boring, and the same day after day as we battle through.  Woodhaven skillfully shows there is much more to life and we should live life to the fullest each day.  Live to the fullest, these ladies do, as they try things I never would have thought about.  But at home family dynamics came in to play;  drama, male mid-life crisis, taco trucks, police chases, decisions made that can not be unmade, and so much more.  Woodhaven skillfully matured and renewed the characters through it all as she packed this story with emotion;  revealing secrets, ambitions, and forming lasting bonds.


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