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Most Eligible Cowboy
Most Eligible Cowboy










Maya Vance and Jackson Bale feature in author Carly Morgan‘s Most Eligible Cowboy. Maya, divorced after eight months of marriage from her cheating husband, needs to get out-of-town.  As Maya’s a photographer, her Aunt Patty, offers the perfect solution.  Patty has opened a B&B in beautiful Peach Valley and needs an advertising campaign with photographs.  Maya jumps at the chance to use her photography skills in a new setting, far from her cheating ex.

Jackson Bale, the elder of the Bale sons, expects to inherit and run his father’s ranch.  Dying from cancer, his father gives Jackson an ultimatum;  he must marry within sixty days or he will sale the ranch.  The most eligible bachelor in Peach Valley finds his phone ringing off the hook as every eligible female in Peach Valley vies for his hand.  However, upon meeting Maya, they have an instant electricity.  But, Mays’s leery of a new romance after the disaster of her marriage.  Will love win the inheritance game?  My inspirational romance book reviews of Most Eligible Cowboy follows.


Carly Morgan created a sweet inspirational romance in Most Eligible Cowboy.  With skillful writing and well-developed characters, Morgan held my attention from the first pages.  Including misunderstandings, family dynamics, sweet clean romance, and a bunch of opportunistic determined women, Morgan’s story-line’s light and easy to read.  Her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene and her writing flows well.  Furthermore, the pacing of the story’s in line with the length of book.

Jackson’s a typical cowboy; strong, determined, steady, family oriented, and not sure he wants a relationship.  Carly Morgan skillfully showed second chances at love are as good, if not better, than the first.  I found myself laughing as his phone rang off the hook and the determined ladies chased him with a vengeance.   I loved Maya’s character.  Carly Morgan matured her outlook and opened her heart to the possibility of a second chance at love.  Including the strong love of family and the grief of losing someone you love, added extra elements to the story.  Adding in a child to the mix, was wonderful, as she will win your heart immediately.


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