Why read the Brandon Fisher FBI series?



Why read the Brandon Fisher FBI series?


If you find yourself intrigued by serial killers and fascinated by murder investigations, you probably love police procedurals. And if you also like getting inside the mind of a killer, exploring the dark and disturbing side of humanity, and you are an avid reader—or even if you only pick up a book a few times a year, actually!—you’ve met your match with my Brandon Fisher FBI series.

This serial-killer series isn’t like all the others out there in today’s entertainment world, though. When it came to writing this series, I wanted to do something unique, not only to make it stand out but to challenge myself and my readers. I wanted to dig deeper by tapping into the mindset of serial killers, and I wanted to do so with a rookie agent, not a veteran. Books in the mystery genre often depict a tough, seasoned detective or agent as the protagonist. I decided to flip that on its head and experience what it’s like to be a brand-new FBI agent.

In the first book in the series, Eleven, Brandon Fisher takes on his inaugural case with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and learns that an investigation can get personal quickly. In fact, he even comes to fear for his life and that of his wife’s. Readers witness him being trained by his veteran boss, Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper, and get a front-row seat to his dealing with the heinous murders and the emotions he must deal with as a rookie.

As the series progresses, Brandon becomes more experienced, and he finds that nothing much surprises him anymore.

“With each new case, I wondered how the next would top the last, but somehow they always came to us more gruesome and depraved than the previous.” – FBI Agent Brandon Fisher


An Interview With FBI Profiler Brandon Fisher



Remnants will be released tomorrow, April 11, 2017

Exclusive Interview with FBI Agent Brandon Fisher

FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher caught up with me after closing his most recent case in Savannah, Georgia. While the full story can be found in the book Remnants by Carolyn Arnold, he’s here today to give us a little insight into what everyone can expect from this investigation.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and give us an overview of the investigation in Savannah?

My name is Brandon Fisher, and I’m a special agent with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. I work closely with three other agents: Paige Dawson, Zach Miles, and our boss, Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper. While I’m just a few months past my two-year probationary period with the team, I must say, each case seems to be more heinous than the last. And our recent investigation was no exception.

As you mentioned, it took us to Savannah, Georgia. We were called in when human body parts surfaced in the Little Ogeechee River and turned out to be from three different victims. To make things even more complicated, there wasn’t a clear MO or victimology that we could determine. We got some leads, though, when a torso painted blue and missing its heart was found.

I wish I could say that was the worst of it, but things just got creepier from there. If only I could unsee some of things I’ve witnessed in my short career as an FBI agent…

Now I’m curious about what you’ve seen! Will you share a little with me?

I can, but only if you have a strong stomach and don’t mind lying awake at night!

Try me.

Very well, but don’t say I didn’t warn you… I’ve seen decapitations, bodies where victims’ intestines were removed, the death of a


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