Resurface By Tony Batton




Resurface by Tony Batton
Resurface, cover



Book 2

The Interface Series








Batton’s, techno-thriller story-line continues in Resurface, A Techno-Thriller, (The Interface Series, Book 2).  Tom has a featuring role alone with a varied cast of characters from scientists, MI 5, CIA, friends, and evil antagonists.  William Bern’s company, Cerus Biotech, is still in biotech research and production in a secret facility.  Tom’s trying to adapt to his changed biotech body, and his friends are trying to save the world from the evil to come.  Will man become more machine than human?  Can Tom and friends stop this technology and evil genius’ behind its production before its is too late?  Will the greed of men and governments win this show down?

Grab a comfortable seat, and read my techno-thriller novel review of Resurface.  Then run out and buy this book for hours of entertainment.



Firstly, let me say, wow, what an action packed thriller.  From page one to the last page, the reader’s


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