Love One Summer In Bath By Richmond,Blackwood,Thorne,and others


A Regency Romance Summer Collection From:


Love One Summer In Bath
Love One Summer In Bath









This is a collection of Regency romances titled Love One Summer In Bath.  I chose to review Isabella Thorne and Gemma Blackwood contributions.



In Love One Summer In Bath containing story, Hope For Charity, the reader’s treated to a short regency romance story set in Bath.  Lady Charity Abernathy’s looking for a husband.  However, Charity wants to marry for love and not social position.  Naive and young, she believes all the gossip she hears. Lord Wentwell, object of the latest gossip, reputation is one of a rake and rogue.  Upon meeting, Lord Wentwell, Neville Collington, Charity gives him the cold shoulder.  However fate has a different course in store for Charity.  Lord Wentwell’s reputation is not what it seems.  Come along with Charity as she discovers all gossip’s not true and love could be waiting in the wings.  My romance book review of Hope For Charity follows.


I found Hope For Charity a sweet clean romance.  Although Charity’s character is a naïve young woman, she knows she wants to marry for loveSocial position mean little to her.  She has a caring heart which differs from most of the ton.  Neville’s allowed his reputation to flourish which will cause him a great deal of problems with Charity.  Furthermore, including the Neville’s brother, added an extra ingredient to the story;  as a result, allowing Charity to see a side of Neville the gossips did not.  We know today, the brother was a victim of PTSD.  Charity comes to see the true Neville rather than his soiled reputation.


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