Married To A Marquess By Joyce Alec


Hearts and Ever Afters

Married To A Marquess
Married To A Marquess










Miss Alice Henstridge bowed to her parent’s demands and married a man she had never met.  Shy and insecure, she could do no other than following their dictates.  Married to William Marquess of Worthington, Alice is left alone as soon as the ceremony’s over.  Installing Alice in his country estate, she spent three long years in isolation; never seeing her husband.

Tired of standing in the shadows, she devises a plan to bring down William.  She will go to London during the season, dance and be merry, then ultimately reveal the depravity and wickedness of her husband to all.  Assuming an alias, she knows her husband will not recognize her by sight.  They had never met before the wedding, and he never raised her veil to look at her face.

However, fate has other plans for Alice and William.  Her plan will have results she never expected.  Come along with Alice and William as they travel the rocky road of romance.  My romance book reviews of Married To A Marquess follows.


Joyce Alec created a charming story of abandonment and planned revenge, filling it with vivid descriptions, heartache, romance.  I loved watching Alice grow from insecure and sad to a woman of worth and strength.  Joyce Alec created an intriguing tale of a woman bent on revenge and retribution and a man who is not what he seems.

William’s character shows the world a face of gaiety and fun; almost as if he had never faced the situation he found his life.  Alec created a façade of a man carefree and fancy-free;  attending balls, dancing the night away, and flirting with the women of the Ton.  Is there more to William than meets the eye?  Alice’s plan seems to have the opposite effect she intended as she and William throw words and dance around each other.


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