Tormented Dreams By Adrienna D. Turner



Tormented Dreams, Cover
Tormented Dreams,Cover



Book One Of The Miss The Mark Series

A New Apocalyptic Series

With a Hip And Up To Date Story-line






This is the first book in the Missed The Mark Series.  A new intense and riveting end times series.  In Tormented Dreams, author Adrienna Trurner created an emotional apocalyptic Christian novel.   Roya and Solomon Whitmore, married and much in love, find themselves facing the end of days found in Revelations and Daniel.  Solomon, a successful business man, is firm in his Christian faith.  He is a music producer, video producer, director, and actor.   Because of his fame and the many women which flock around him, Roya has a tough time with security issues within her marriage. Also, Roya is dreaming prophetically, will these dreams come true?  What does the future hold for Roya, Solomon and their five children?

Solomon and Roya become active in the ACC, Alliance for Crusaders of Christ, spreading the word in closed groups of the coming Anti-Christ.  Chipping is eminent as the one world government is gathering


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