A Stuttering Mail Order Bride For The Hotheaded Cattle Wrangler: The Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan

A Stuttering mail order bride for the heotheaded cattle wrangler

Handsome, Strong, Hunky Cowboys 

Meets His Match!


Why did Emma Morgan create Nantucket Murray as Gilbert Snyder’s mail order bride? Read on and find a wonderful story of disabilities of more than the physical.


Story Line:

Nantucket Murray is on her way to meet Mr. Gilbert Synder in Benson Creek with marriage in mind as a mail order bride. She was honest with him about her abilities except for one little thing. She stutters and all the men in Boston rejected her because of her stutter.


Gil as he was known, told her he had cattle, pigs, chickens and such. He didn’t tell her the pigs and chickens lived in his cabin or that he was short tempered, loud, cussed like a sailor, his cabin was filthy and he had few to none cooking or cleaning implements.



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