A Good Day, Reflection, Radio Wish, Slither by Suzette Vaughn





Radio Wish by Suzette Vaughn
Radio Wish, COVER
A Good Day by Suzette Vaughn
A Good Day, c
Slither By Suzette Vaughn
Reflection by Suzette Vaughn
Reflection, Cover











Four Separate Short Stories From The Pen Of Suzette Vaughn; Published Individually




In Radio Wish, author Suzette Vaughn crafted a wonderful Christmas wish for someone other than them-self.  Unselfishly the caller to the local Christmas Wish Radio Show makes a wish for her neighbor.

In A Good Day, Vaughn crafted a story of two shy people who travel the same path daily.   Each attracted to other and too shy to make their desire known.

Slither finds a girl discovering her origins are not what she thought nor her father the man she believed.

The fourth story, Reflections, we find two friends in the future who are seers.  Their job is to see disasters in the future and try to stop them from occurring.



Firstly, I found each of these stories enjoyable and satisfying.  Due to the short length of the genre, the author can not give the reader the amount of detail, background, or development found in novels.   In a


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