Sunset Beach Romance Series Angela Ford,Sharon Kleve,Jennifer Connor,Natalie-Nicole Bates(An Anthology of Four Friends and Love) Would You Like Four, Price One?

Sunset Beach Romance Series



How Would You Like More Than 1 Book?

Don’t we all like more for less?  If you answered yes, this book is for you.  This book contains four books, each penned by a different author, but with a continuing story.



Story Line:

This book is an anthology of four friends, raised in the same town and attended high school together; they stay strong friends throughout the following years even though separated by distance coming together for their 10 year high school reunion.


Each book is the story of the character’s life, trials, troubles, missteps, failings, and triumphs.  Alivia finds her first love again after a life of high pressure and a domineering lover, Fiona finds lasting love with the resident bee keeper after leaving a deceiving lover, Kyra finds love with a visitor to their almost opened enterprise, and Summer reunites with the love her family drove from town after her high school graduation.


Character, Plotting, Development:

Each story flows without pause. The authors, Bates, Conner, Kleve, and Ford’s writing skills are clear as they seamlessly wove each story together into one cohesive book.


They skillfully developed the characters and story line in such a way that you do not realize four different authors wrote this book.


The story line is very good as we watch each main character come to terms with her life  and find love.  Each character will make monumental decisions about their life and goals.


These stories flow along without hesitation or interruption seamlessly; your reading will flow from one story to the next.



I found this book very enjoyable. This book does contain sex between people in love and committed; I would recommend this book for the mature reader due to sexual content.


It is a great solid romance that gives you 4 books for the price 1.  I received this book from the Authors in return for an honest book review.

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