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In Stark September, we find Captain Kira Riley, new graduate of medical school, stationed at Fort Carson.  Her world turns on a dime when she literally runs into Sergeant Owen Stark.  Kira strives for success as a doctor and Owen’s life is his team.  Kira and Owen have issues and tragedies in their past which they hold close to the chest and heart.  The attraction between the higher ranking Captain and Sergeant is immediate and intense.  The emotional scars, fraternization, a multitude of other women, alternate life styles, and issues will make their journey a long twisted road.   Kira discovers a dark side to Owen’s love life.  Can the dark lover and the vanilla woman find happiness?

Come along with Owen and Kira as they journey through the many twists and turns of villains, mysteries, military service and life.



Author C. D. Bradley has created an intense emotion and character driven novel.  The heat and steam between Kira and Riley is intensely searing.  As a result, the pages smoke with sex and emotion.  Furthermore, Ms. Bradley added a walk on the dark side of relationships in Owen’s life which Kira has a hard time accepting.  The intense sexual scene Owen had frequented is offensive to Kira even though she finds herself intrigued by this life style choice.

Stark September has intense sex scenes, language, and life choices some may find offensive.  If you do not care for descriptive sexually scenes or alternative life styles, this book probably is not for you.  Personally, if the scenes are too sexually graphic for me I skip those parts to get to the meat of the story, and this book has plenty of meat.  This is an intense story of two people searching for love, security, and acceptance in a system that does not encourage attraction;  Stark September showcases how hard the military life is for people of higher rank who find themselves attracted to a lower rank.

Ms. Bradley added mystery, many diverse characters, a stalker, and of course, every good novel needs a villain you love to hate;  therefore, Ms Bradley developed several villains for this intense story.  She developed each of her characters throughout the story-line and paced their growth well.  Her villains will make you want to rip them from the book.

Furthermore, the pace of the story was on target as it did not slow or lag.  My inquiring mind had to keep reading to discover how all the twists and turns would be resolved.

What an ending!  I wanted to bang my e-reader a half-dozen times or so against the chair arm.  I never expected the book to end in this way.  Well done Ms. Bradley, well done!



In conclusion, I found Stark September a solid well-written book with an intriguing story-line crafted by a talented author.  I recommend this book for young adults an adults due to explicit sex and language.

Final Note:  I received this book from the author in return for an honest book reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  consequently book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.




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