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Vikings of Honor, Book 3

Souls Reborn
Souls Reborn










Leif Dæganssen, archeologist, finds a mysterious ancient chest  buried outside his house.  Leif tried for years to prove his ancestors landed on this island long ago.  This chest will help prove his theory;  he feels it called him to the island and the purchase of his land.

Lorraine dreams of a Viking warrior for as long as she can remember.  Nightly dreams and visions of him haunt her.  Always fascinated with Ireland, Lorraine receives the offer of a trip to Ireland from her best friend Patrick O’Rouke.  While vacationing, she meets Leif Dæganssen, who happens to look almost exactly like the Viking warrior of her dreams.  Having odd moments of spacing out, seeing her Viking and conversing with him during these episodes, she wonders if she’s going crazy;  it almost feels as if she is seeing her long ago past life.

Raine, as her friends call her, finds herself drawn closer and closer to Leif.  However, the oddest things seem to pop out of her mouth when she’s with him;  making her wonder where they came from.  If she told Leif what’s happening to her, will he think she’s crazy?  Will fate and the universe bring two lovers back together?  Is the old adage “true love never dies” really true?  The road ahead of Leif and Raine will be rocky and rough.  Will their love conquer all or will they be torn apart once again?  My romance book reviews of Souls Reborn follows.


Book three in the Vikings of Honor, Souls Reborn, another epic story told skillfully by Renee Vincent, will keep you turning the pages.  With an intriguing story line, Vincent grabbed my attention from the first pages.  A standalone read, I would suggest reading books one and two to enhance your reading pleasure.  However, Vincent gives the reader enough background, you are not lost in Souls Reborn. I loved the manner in which she included quotes and conversations from earlier books as Raine begins to remember her previous life.

With well-developed characters, an intriguing premise, and finely tuned writing skill, the adventures of Raine and Leif continues.  Leif’s character, one of honor, morals, strength, grounded and sensible, made me think:  “what a man”.  I think we all want a Leif in our life.  The sexual tension between Leif and Raine’s intense.  I could feel their desire, tension, and confusion.   Renee Vincent skillfully added the tension and desire without the use of sex or descriptive love scenes.  It’s wonderful to read a romance with intense emotion in which the author had the skill to raise the room temperature without sex or vulgarity.

I found Raine and Leif’s confusion skillfully written by Vincent.  At the start of the book, Raine’s unsure what’s going on.  Is Lief her love from the past, does reincarnation exist, or is she simply loosing her grip on reality because of the emotional issues she faced in America?  Leif begins to have out-of-body experiences, his confusion and their connection’s palpable. 

In the beginning of the story, I found the interaction between Raine and Leif funny, as she spaced out and popped out some irrelevant or inappropriate quote to Leif.  Imagine having all this taking place in your dreams and mind, while conversing with a handsome strong man who looks like your Viking warrior.  Vincent skillfully introduced the mystery of the chest and Patrick’s part in their life.  When Raine ——, no, that would be a spoiler, you will have to read the book to get all the points of the story.

Published earlier as The Fall of Rain, Vincent rewrote portions of the book, provided a new cover and title, and had the book professionally edited.  You will love the new and improved book.  I found Souls Reborn a solid romance, skillfully written, pacing which never bogged down or slowed, and an intriguing plot line; providing much entertainment and making my reviews easy to accomplish. 

I could not read this book fast enough to satisfy my need to know. Vincent included several surprises in this book;  resist the temptation to read the ending and epilogue first, as it will take much away from the story line.  How will it all end, who else’s involved in the past will appear again?  Will Leif ever accept his and Raine’s past?  I can’t tell you without ruining the book for you.  It’s enough for me to say, Vincent skillfully crafted a fine romance with paranormal elements; you will not regret buying this continuing story of a love which never died.


Although this book review’s longer than my usual reviews, I found I could not stop writing about the story. I gave Souls Reborn 4 well-deserved stars.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.


Additionally, I purchased this book and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest historical romance book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book reviews author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary historical romance book reviews.





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