Silk and Scars by Cassandra Dean

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This story begins in London and Devon in 1845. Gwen is employed by Lord Beecham in the London law Silk and Scars by Cassandra Deanfirm that handles legal matter for the Edward, Duke of Sowrith. She mistakenly mixes a personal letter in with correspondence to Edward.


Thus begins the writing friendship of Gwen and Edward. The letters flow back and forth for over a year.  In these letters each show their fears.  Edward reveals he is physically scarred and for this reason he rarely leaves Devon , where is he accepted. Gwen reveals her fear for the health and well- being of her parents and how she longs for home.


Author Cassandra Deans descriptions were so vivid I could easily see the scene described; whether it was the tors and moors described by Edward or setting the scene of reading Gwen’s and Edward’s letters.


Edward demands Lord Beecham and his scribe Gwen come to Devon immediately, after Gwen wrote of an incident occurring at the firm. Edward and Gwen would finally meet.  Ms. Dean portrays a man terribly disfigured by an accident in childhood.   He hides away in the moors where he is accepted, alone except for servants. Gwen is forced to fit the Victorian mold of womanhood. Forced to stifle her love of the law because she is a woman in a man’s world. Edward and Gwen are needy people who find each other.


He a peer of the realm and she a commoner. Edward can free Gwen from the stiffing standards of Victorian England and Gwen can free Edward from his insecurities of his injuries and his solitude, with her love and acceptance. Cassandra Dean did a wonderful job portraying Gwen and Edwards vulnerabilities and insecurities.


I enjoyed this book, the emotion, the Victorian standards, the peer and the commoner, the injured hero, the vivid descriptions; all joined to make an entertaining book.


The story has one love scene, tastefully done and not explicit.  I would highly recommend this book to any one that enjoys regency romances.


I received this book in return for an honest book review.


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