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Secret Dad by author Victoria Pinder, book 5 of the House of Morgan series, begins with a crime. The new Morgan on the block has big troubles; someone kidnapped Elizabeth Morgan’s son. Rafe Soliz, the “go to cop”, when the Morgan’s have problems, knocks on Elizabeth door.  What neither Elizabeth or Rafe realize, they know each other, at least physically.  Unknown to Rafe, he’s the father of Elizabeth’s son.  Neither knew the others full name or history as lust took over and Elizabeth ran the “morning after” before Rafe woke.  But fate is a fickle lady, as she places all the pieces in their proper places to bring Elizabeth and Rafe together again.

Rafe’s hired help, not part of the ultra wealthy Morgan clan’s social sphere; now he finds he has a son with a Morgan.  Rafe feels Elizabeth is above his reach.  However, he will do everything in his power to keep her and his son safe from vicious threats, kidnapping, and possibly harm.  Will Elizabeth change Rafe’s prejudice against their different social positions?  Can Rafe save both of the people who mean so much to him?

My reviews for romance novel, Secret Dad, follows.



Victoria Pinders latest novel of the House of Morgan, is a winner.  Although primarily a family saga and romance thriller, Pinder filled it with prejudice, mystery, and suspense. Pinder grabs the reader in the first few paragraphs and holds them in the palm of her hand. I must tell you, this is the first House of Morgan novel I have read; complicated family’s dynamics and plotting held my attention.  Pinder crafted a fine mystery thriller romance, filling it with varied characters and emotions.

Also I must say, at times, I became very impatient with Rafe’s preconceived notions of class distinctions; his feeling of inferiority because he was not of the wealthy class.  At times, I wanted to shake him until his eyes rolled.  The son of the Morgan’s maid, he can not see past the inequity of their classes.  Pinder allowed his character to grow as the story progressed and broadens his attitudes.

Elizabeth’s character, insecure in her emotional relationship with Rafe, can’t understand why he would want her when he can have her very beautiful rival.  She has issues to overcome; raised in boarding schools without family has made her insecure and self doubting. Her son has been the focus of her life until Rafe appeared in her life again.  The attraction still burns between these two.  However, Pinder gave them hurdles to climb, issues to resolve, and a criminal to find.

With many threads to bring together for the plotting, Pinder skillfully wove them all together to form an intriguing romance novel.  The villain’s identity was a mystery to me until Pinder revealed the culprit.  Secret Dad has a fast paced emotional ending and the epilogue’s great.

Finally, in concluding my reviews for romance novel, Secret Dad, I found an intriguing story-line which held my attention.  With intriguing plot lines and a smooth steady pace, this book provided hours of entertainment.



Additionally, Secret Dad’s a standalone read.  Pinder gives enough background to bring you up to speed, however to give you a deeper understanding of the emotions and dynamics, I feel it would be beneficial to read the previous books.


Additionally, I received this book from the author, choosing to voluntarily review the book/novel with honest reviews for romance novel, Secret Dad. Furthermore, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book/novel review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book/novel reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  No one influenced my voluntary reviews for romance novel, Secret Dad.

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