Secondhand Bride by Nancy Warren

Book Review

Ashley Carnarvon has always been the poor relation of the very rich Carnarvon family.  She lives with her unwed mother, Melody Carnarvon, on the largess of the Carnarvons; living on Secondhand Bridehand-me-downs and a home provided by the Carnarvons.  Her life is aimless partying with her friend and lover of ten years, Eric Von Hoffendam, working enough for spending money, and living on the outside of the ultra rich, never invited inside their world to their parties or tables.  Suddenly Eric proposes and somehow she’s engaged to a very rich aimless young man. She felt something was a little off;  his parents, Grace and Charles, welcomed Ashley and her mother with open arms and can’t seem to get them married fast enough. The Carnarvons loan Ashley a  used “Evanageline Wedding Dress” worth thousands of dollars.  It seems cursed as the seamstress cursed the dress after Evanageline criticized her work; Cousin Ted’s bride never got to wear it, as Ted chose an older woman instead.  Her world is spinning out of control and she is a little over whelmed as the mothers plan the elaborate wedding, she has a cursed wedding gown, Eric seems a little  ” out there” and then she finds her teenage crush, Bennett Saegar, living in the pool house on the same grounds as she.  Ben, a screen writer,  is hiding from a scandal involving a leading lady’s attempted suicide in Hollywood.  Ben is still handsome and charming now;  rather than a nuisance, he finds Ashley older, beautiful, and very interesting.  The author, Nancy Warren, timed Ben’s entrance into the story perfectly.

Ben and Ashley fight the attraction they feel. Ashley confused, unsure and worried about her cursed wedding dress. Ben is trying not to give in the sexual attraction he feels, and Eric is being Eric, totally unaware of anyone or anything but himself and want he wants.  Ben knows something is not right with Eric and Ashley but he can’t put his finger on just what it is. What is the mystery surrounding Eric and his families rush to marry him off to Ashley.  Ashley and Ben have issues to overcome before they will find their happy ever after. Ashley has always felt that 2nd best is what she deserves, Ben’s determined to change that trait.  But Ben has problems also, his agent has made him promised not to date for at least year so the scandal can cool off. Then we have the mysterious secret that Eric and his family is covering up.  Will Love triumph over money and prestige.

The length of this book was just right, the author paced the mystery and growth of Ashley from an insecure social butterfly to a woman in love ready to expect first instead second place perfectly and she created a loving and caring character in Ben. The premiss of a cursed wedding gown was refreshing and different.  I can’t wait for the  next book in this series.

This was a very enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this book.

I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.

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