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Second Chances For Trampled Hearts
Second Chances For Trampled Heart










In Miami, Allie has a dream of owning her own diner.  Bill’s Uncle Fred owned a diner;  after his death, Bill inherited the diner and closed it down.  Deciding to reopen the diner on a 50/50 partnership, he will fund all the repairs and renovations, and the partner will handle the day-to-day operation.  Allie and Bill email back and forth;  becoming close friends and a partnership’s formed.

Allie invested every cent she had in the partnership.  With rent due, she heads across the country to Bear Creek Saddle, Idaho and Bill.  However, she’s arriving almost out of gas, down to her last few pennies, and two weeks early.   To say their first meeting did not go well would be an understatement.  Allie can not afford to back out of the deal at this point, but upon seeing the run down nasty diner, sparks fly between Bill and Allie.

God has a plan for these two broken people.  With faith, love, and God on their side, Allie and Bill could have something beautiful.  Will they grab on and not let go?  My inspirational romance book reviews of Second Chances For Trampled Hearts follows.


Shoshanna Gabriel created a firecracker of a story in Second Chances For Trampled Hearts.  The sparks fly around Bill and Allie as they square off. Sparks of attraction, disappointment, and anger.  I loved Bill’s characters; his dry humor was so much like my son-in-law.  Allie’s always primed and ready to explode at the drop of a hat.  What a feisty woman!  When she goes off on Bill, which she did over and over, I laughed and giggled.  My husband would never stand still for what Allie dished out to Bill.

Each had their own point of view.  Allie did not hesitate telling Bill what she thought;  she had a  dream of what the diner could become.  Each had strong opinions, and they butted heads often.  Bill’s determined to have his way while Allie’s determined to bring him around to her way of thinking;  making the reader wonder if a compromise is in their vocabulary.  I loved watching them spar and dance around each other.  Also, I loved that Shoshanna Gabriel gave Bill and Allie morals and standards.  It was terrific to find they would go no further than kissing unless united in marriage.

Faith and a personal relationship with God are the backbones of this story;  opening up new avenues of confidence and security.   Bill and Allie need each other, not only for the renovations on the diner.  Both are in need of healing spiritually and emotionally. Each had a tragic relationship in their past and issues to face.  Gabriel expertly showed the feelings of unworthiness and insecurity of one-sided love. As well as, the fear of starting a new relationship and the pain which could result.  Gabriel slowly built the romance in Second Chances For Trampled Hearts giving Bill and Allie time to face their emotional issues and forge new beginnings.  Including a crisis which tests Bill’s resolve, Gabrielle brought Second Chances For Trampled Hearts to a finale full of fan-fair.


I found Gabriel‘s writing flowed smoothly making this an easy book to read and enjoy.  Her scenes transitioned seamlessly, and she brought the plot threads together with skill.  Creating a well-written story with well-developed characters, Gabriel‘s held my attention from the first page.  I read until the need for sleep forced me to close my E-reader.  Depicting small town life perfectly, she shows the closeness of small communities.  As well as, the nosiness, gossip, and willingness to help and support each other.

This is a story of second chances in life, love, and relationships.  With expert plotting and pacing, I found myself carried along with Bill and Allie as they explored new feelings and forged a new beginning.  I became involved in their lives;  feeling their pain and hesitancy, the highs and lows and all the emotions in-between.  Gabriel crafted a sweet clean romance containing angst and real-life problems.  She slowly brought Bill from doubting to the realization of God‘s continued love and care.  Suitable for anyone who loves a solid inspirational romance, I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.  As I read the last sentence, I closed my E-reader with a sigh of contentment and satisfaction.

Additionally, I borrowed this book from Kindle Unlimited and received this book from the author.  I chose to review the book with honest romance book reviews voluntarily.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews online and on my blog, are my opinions.  Furthermore,  ARC’s do not affect my voluntary romance book reviews.




A different version of this book was published in 2015 under the title, I Am Not Your Melody by Shoshanna Evers. As a secular author, Shoshanna Gabriel wrote under the name  Shoshanna Evers.  As stated by Shoshanna Gabriel:

“Even if you’ve read that…this new novel is the way the book was meant to be all along”.

What a wonderful story to begin her new career as a clean, inspirational author.. Please be sure to read her testimony on her website;  her transition from a secular romance author detailing the struggles, decisions, and obstacles she faced.  As well as, her relationship with God, and the many ways God blessed her.

I ask you, dear reader, remember God in His infinite wisdom wants only the best for His children.  To achieve a successful and happy life, we only need to accept Christ as our Savior; include a prayer for God’s guidance into your life, follow His voice with faith and conviction, and reap the benefits of His love and grace.  Congratulations, Shoshanna, for standing up and following God‘s counsel.

Second Chances For Trampled Hearts
Second Chances For Trampled Hearts






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