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Romancing the Holidays, an anthology containing seven novellas, arrives just in time for the holiday season.  Grab a cup of hot coco, relax, and enjoy this wonderful collection.  I  chose to review the novella by Kait Nolan, Dance Me A Dream.  My romance novel review follows.



Welcome back to Wishful Mississippi, where dreams come true if you wish hard enough.  Tara, latest resident of Wishful, has found life rarely fair.   Her career of dance has ended; replaced by responsibility and worry.   Caring for two young siblings on a small budget while working at The Grind, specialty coffee shop, does not lend itself to luxury items.   However, after a small wind-fall from her custom jewelry, a live Christmas tree is in order.

The local Christmas tree farm will bring changes for Tara’s family.  Unbeknownst to her, Jace’s family owns the farm.  What a surprise to find her favorite coffee customer is also part of the local tree farm.   Life could be turning around for this small family in big ways!

Come along with Tara, her siblings, Jace, and the town of Wishful.  Where dreams do come true!



Without a doubt, Wishful is my favorite small town in America; quaint, quite, and peaceful, where everyone cares about each other.  Author Kait Nolan has small town USA down to a fine art and her portrayal of the residents is magical.  Consequently, Ms. Nolan’s introduction of Jace follows her theme of caring and finding solutions.  Jace represents everything we love about small towns and the Christmas season;  a giving heart and an open mind.   Moreover, Ms. Nolan instilled a fairy-tale quality to this pungent story.   Also, the characteristics Tara presents are steadfast and giving; ready to give up her dreams for the care of others.

The pacing of Dance Me A Dream was on target; smooth and seamless, as Ms. Nolan transitions from one part of the story to another.  Furthermore, with a fresh and original story-line, this novella is a sigh worthy read.   Ms.  Nolan did not need sex or fluff to sell the story-line of Dance Me A Dream.  Also, the secondary characters added depth and feeling to the story.




In concluding the romance novel review of Dance Me A Dream, I found a well-developed plot and pacing steady and smooth.  Dance Me A Dream, is classic Christmas.  A clean and clear well-written novella, I would not hesitate to buy this anthology for myself or a friend.  Also, this novella is suitable for ages 13 and above, as it does not contain any sex or violence.

Finally, Please Note:

I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book/novel.  I voluntarily chose to review the book with an honest romance novel review.  Hence, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion.

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