Resisting Darkness Book 3 of the Forrest of Darkness Novels By Kate Wendley

resisting darkness



Ethan’s And Harmony’s Story

Is Harmony His Salvation Or His Downfall?



This book grabbed me from the first page and left me screaming for more at the end.  The hook is set deep and fast in this novel by author Kate Wendley as we learn more and more about her shifter/vampire community and the lives of each shifter/vampire.


Author Kate Wendley continues our journey in a very different shifter/vampire world.  In Author Kate Wendley’s latest vampire tale, we follow Ethan and Harmony.  Ethan is out for vengeance against the person that killed the love of his life, Sonya.  He is a hot mess obsessed with killing Isaiah who just happens to be Anthony’s, the Master of Atlanta, father!

Harmony is a tutor; she is also a vampire on the west coast with a Master that lets her do as she pleases.  She is searching for a home, a place she feels at ease; she is searching and yearning for something she can’t actually put a name.  Atlanta, Georgia where vampires and shifters live and feed side by side is calling to her.

Come along with Ethan and Harmony as they journey forward to find love and perhaps peace.



Author Kate Wendley was in top form in this book.  She has included twists, turns, and plots which just keep coming; some resolved, others leave you panting for the next book.  She has many threads in this story which she successful wove into an intriguing novel of vengeance, murder, love, obsession and want.  She definitely created an awesome twist with Ethan and Harmony; one you will not see coming. The story-line was compelling and skillfully crafted by Ms. Wendley.


Her writing skill and character development has grown in each book of this series.  Harmony and Ethan’s characters grow throughout this story and you will see a side of Ethan that will fascinate as you realize the depth of his hurt and obsession and where Harmony fits into all of this.  I am trying hard not to give away any spoilers, but oh my, I want too so badly.


The sub-characters of this shift/vampire world bring depth to the story as Ms. Wendley leaves avenues for future books to light. I am impatiently waiting for the next book of this series.  The epilogue was intriguing and will leave you praying the next book surrounds these situations.


The characters from the previous two books are all in play in this story along with more story-lines of their own.  Author Kate Wendley has created a wonderful world for the supernatural of Atlanta;  her world is so real you will feel that you are part of that community.  I was transported into the story-line by the great story-telling skill of Ms. Wendley.  I was sad to say good-bye, at least for now, as I wanted to keep reading of this fascinating group in Atlanta.


I did not find the love scenes over-the-top.  I did not feel the scenes were explicit sexual erotica.  As I have stated in previous book reviews, if the sex included in the book is too explicit for me, I skip over those parts to get to the meat of the story



This book is part of a series, however it is a standalone.  Though it is not necessary to read the previous two books, I highly recommend to start your journey with book one.  Each book adds elements to the story-lines and depth to your understanding of Ms. Wendley’s shifter/vampire world.


This is a well written, developed, and paced book.  Ms Wendley’s story-line is fascinating, thrilling, and enthralling. In my opinion, each book gets better and better.  I am waiting very impatiently for book four.


I loved this book.  I recommend this book for young adult and adults due to sexual content and violence.


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