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Author Adam Kelley has created an epic novel in Rain.  Spanning the lifetime of the two main characters, Rain is an intense novel.  Living on Mars in the future, Jake rescues Ellie from a raging river.  New graduate, Ellie, waiting for her appointment from the government has taken time off.  Finally, Ellie receives her appointment, similar to an agriculture agent today.  Ellie and Jake find themselves in the same area.

Meanwhile, the government did not grant Jake the stewardship of his father’s homestead station.  Consequently unemployed, Jake, seeks employment locally.  Finding a menial job as a farm hand, he and Ellie are together more and more; the attraction grows.  Inevitably, heartache will follow along with happiness and joy.   Mars is not an easy planet.  In Rain you will find:  friends made and lost, farms succeed others fail, plants thrive others die, marriages made babies born, and finally tribulation and possible disaster looms on the horizon.

Come with Jake and Ellie as they face plant disease, fierce weather, and unexpected adversity as we watch them grown into mature adults who form a unity unbreakable by time. My sci-fi novel review of Rain follows.



First of all, I must say I was not sure where to start with this review.  Going into the book, I thought I’ll never finish 493 pages.  However, Mr. Kelley writing skill enmeshed me into the lives of Ellie, Jake and their family within a few pages.  This is an epic novel of exploration, family, heartache, hardship, unity, forgiveness, and love.  Furthermore, the descriptions of Mars were many and vivid as Author Adam Kelley led us through Ellie and Jake’s life.  Mr. Kelley skillfully presented the trials and tribulations which come with living on an alien planet from poor soil, to plant disease, and weather to family discord.

Author Adam Kelley’s character development was progressive throughout the story-line.  The pace was smooth and steady.  However, I felt the word count reduction would not affect the story.  Unfortunately, the page count will scare some readers away from the book.  Personally I enjoyed the detail Mr. Kelley incorporated into the story-line.  His attention to detail and descriptions greatly enhanced this story.

Rain includes twists and turns as Mr. Kelley developed his plot.  I found myself invested in this family.  The characters were realistic and believable.  The ending of this book is amazing; what a heart wrenching and touching end to this wonderful story.

Finally, I found Rain, well-written with a solid story-line and believable characters.  Although a lengthy book, do not let this hinder you.  Written in a clean easy style, Rain will provide hours of enjoyment.



I did not hesitate to give Rain 5 well deserved stars.  Suitable for younger adults and adults, I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



In addition, I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy/free copy of this book/novel.  I voluntarily chose to review the book with an honest sci-fi novel review.  Hence, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion.








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