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My Presto Pressure Canner Cookbook










NOTE:  The format for My Presto Pressure Cooker Cookbook review will be different than the reviews on standard romance/mystery/fiction novels.   Author Skip Plemmons, gives a wonderful outline of his association with pressure canning.   Valuable information to aide in your adventure is contained in the preface.  Consequently, please read the preface in its entirety.


I am a long time owner of a Presto Canner Pressurer Cooker.  I found this book a wonderful addition to my kitchen.  Meanwhile, I found myself licking my lips as I read these recipes.  Had I obtained this book when I purchased my presto pressure canner, I would have had many recipes to try and more canned items in my pantry.  As a result I highlighted a large portion of the book.  The recipes are varied and include meats from chicken to rabbit, tuna to salmon and jellies to fruits.  What could possible taste better than Garlic Mushroom Chicken In Tomato Sauce with Pepper Jelly on the side unless it would be Chili Con Carne.  Each recipe includes instructions for assembly of ingredients, cooking and pressure times, and how to pack and store your finished products.

Also in My Presto Pressure Canner Cookbook, you will find recipes for condiments, syrups, pickled vegetables, caned vegetables, juices and fruits.  Consequently, this book will become your go to recipe book when pressure canning for your family or yourself.  These recipes can also be used to cook without pressure canning, just adjust the time and possibly amounts of ingredients.

Imagine the meals you will be able to prepare easily as you have already completed most of the work. This is an easy to read and follow guide with all needed to start pressure canning.  Today’s economy has forced us to revert to the methods our mothers and grandmothers used to economically feed their families.  Rather than waste the produce and meats in your refrigerate, you can pressure can them for later use. Pressure canning is not hard to do at all; you need to do is follow the directions for success.




I recommend My Presto Pressure Canner Cookbook to anyone interested in pressure canning.   The recipes are a wonderful addition to any kitchen as well as money and time-saving


Finally Please Note:

I received this book from author in return for a voluntary honest book review.  All book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;   consequently all book reviews on line, on my blog and under my name are my opinion.




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