Power Shift by Calinda B

Paranormal Romance Book Review


power shift










Charming Alaska is not your normal town. Charming has shifters, vampires, and humans.  Charming is shifter paradise.  This is a fun story.  I thought when I started the book I would not like it;  after the first couple of pages I was hooked.  This town is full of quaint, quirky, sexy, annoying, funny characters.  From the dumb blonde human to the leg humping dog shifter.

Chia Petit is the town manager.  It’s her job to keep the peace between everyone and enforce her town ordinances, of which there are many.  Chia has a thing for Hung Durand, (Hung according to Chia being the operative word) a bounty hunter that doesn’t follow her rules.  The sexual tension between these two burns up the pages.  This not your ordinary shifter story, far from it.  There is mystery, intrigue, ghosts, satire, and hot hot sexual tension.  After all, a girl has needs.  Elements in and around Charming want a change in power.  Shifters are showing up dead in a very bad way and the numbers are increasing.  A strange magic  surrounds her town. Why and who wants this shift of power, Chia must find answers and solutions fast to save her town, her job, and Hung.

This is an easy read with a plot that flows well and an interesting story line. It has left the ending to allow a sequel, which I hope the author Calinda B intents to write. I would recommend this book for young adults to adult due to sexual content.


Additionally, I received this book from the Reading Alley and chose to voluntarily review the book with an honest paranormal romance novel review.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition,  the ARC did not affect my voluntary paranormal romance novel review.



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