Pioneer Brides-Mail Order Bride by Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer

mail order brides

Romance in the West!  Strong Sexy Cowboys, Need I say more?


This is a four box set of western romances about strong men and even stronger women that settled the west.

The women came to find the love of a lifetime. Each is a short novella that is very enjoyable. I love Ms. Wake’s and Fiffer’s writing style.



The Rival Bride Book 1

This is the first story in this four box set. Kristine is a young woman with a gambling father that has practically sold her to Robert Miller, a rancher and widower still in love with his dead wife, as a bride.

In exchange he will pay her fathers debts and enable her 2 sisters, Courtney and Patricia, to stay in finishing school. This novella is full of sorrow, jealousy, insecurity, sadness, and finally joy in the morning.

Ms. Wake and Fiffer filled this story with emotion and she added an adversary, Abby, for Robert’s affections. Though short this story was very enjoyable as we watch Kristine grow and Robert find he has a jewel in Kristine; they find their happy ever after.

Had the story been longer Ms. Wake and Fiffer could have fleshed out the story of the rivalry for Robert’s affections; this was still a short enjoyable read.



Letters of Love Book 2

Courtney, Kristine’s seventeen-year-old sister, is the star of this story. Court is in love for the first of her life; Curly, Abby’s ranch hand, has been writing love letters to her. She and Patricia ran away from school and went back to her sister’s and Robert’s ranch; she’s ready to marry Curly. What a surprise awaits Courtney.

Ms. Wake and Fiffer portrayed the emotions of a seventeen year old so well; impetuous, immature, and thinking only of themselves. Kristine is very disappointed in Courtney, Curly says it all a joke not be taken serious, and Courtney is heartbroken.

I loved the scenario Ms. Wake and Fiffer set for this story. Will Courtney get her man; you will have to read the book, as I will not spoil this adventure for you. As usual Ms. Wake and Fiffer did a great job setting up the story, and for a short novella the pacing was good.

I love stories that continue a family story and the previous characters appear again and again. Although short, this is a good afternoon read as the authors continues the sister’s story.



The Mail Order Husband: Book 3

Abby, Robert’s friend and neighbor, has ordered a mail order husband. She just needs him to be strong, reliable and hard-working.

When he got off the train what a man he was, tall, broad-shouldered, handsome, hard-working hands, blue eyes and a beard. Abby was glad she never convinced Robert to marry her.

Ms. Wakes and Fiffer created a dream for Abby, named Eugene Reynolds aka Gene and when he grabbed her arm, electricity ran through Abby.

Will Abby get her happy after ever, will this time be a marriage of love and not a convenience, will he be her partner, or will Gene decide she is too much woman for him?

Ms. Wake and Fiffer added a plot of missing cattle, lazy drunken disrespectful ranch hands, and a ranch that needs a mans firm hand.

Ms. Wakes and Fiffer paced this story well, and I loved that Abby was after all was said and done a woman, not just a workhorse.

You will meet Robert, Kristen and the sisters in this story as well, as their story also continues as minor characters.

I found this a good short read.



The Japanese Bride Book 4

Rena, a Japanese young woman is on a ship headed to America as a mail order bride to Victor Montgomery. He was looking for companionship and love.

Her grandmother Chie was a seer, and saw great things for her.  Her sea voyage was full of nightmares, insecurities, misgivings, and weeping. Ms. Wake and Fiffer created a great backdrop for this story of a lonely poverty-stricken young woman seeking love and security in a foreign land.

There are misunderstandings due to the language barrier, misconceptions, and perceived disappointments. Will Victor and Rena overcome their beginning?

The authors paced this story well and I was intrigued from the start with a foreign mail order bride. I could feel Rena’s hopes, fears, and despair, as well as Victor’s disappointment.

This is a short novella packed with emotion and a great love story. This story was not related to the other three.



I enjoyed all of this stories and I especially liked being able to read them back-to-back without stopping. It made the stories flow well. I enjoyed Ms. Wakes and Fiffer writing style and the tempo of the stories. I would have liked them fleshed a little more but in a novella you only have so much time.  I found this book a pleasant afternoons entertainment.

This was a free read on Kindle Unlimited, if you wish to purchase I have place a link for kindle on the sidebar.

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