Parents For Sale By Dr. Nicole


Parents for Sale



Children’s Story

Containing Lessons On Responsibilities

Good Graphic Appealing To Children




This is a good story with learning lessons of responsibility.  Every child has wished for different parents.  In this story the twins were not taking care of their dog, Pistachio.  Yes, they loved the dog, but feeding, walking, and caring for the dog fell to their parents.  When the parents tell the twins, they are selling the dog, the twins decide to change the sign to Parents For Sale.

They find it is not as easy to sale their parents as they thought.  They have several customers and sell to none until the wicked witch appears disguised as a beautiful fairy. The witch is mean and ugly with evil intentions.  Of course Pistachio will save the day.  The story line will appeal to children.



I found the language in this book contained words children would not comprehend.  I felt it should be geared to a child’s language skills and comprehension. The author may included more complicated words on purpose; the child could ask what a word means and the parent/reader explain the definition.  The story-line was a good lesson on responsibility.  I believe children will enjoy the premise of the story as children think on a different level than an adult.  With help from an adult, I believe children will grasp the concept of responsibility taught in this book.


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Dr. Nicole holds a Master degree in medical education.  She works in a clinical practice, is editor in chief of the French medical magazine Le Médecin du Québec, a professional speaker in medicine. She feels literature is key to positive child development and that parents should instill a love of reading in their children.  I have provided a link above, please take at look Dr. Nicole’s site to view her expertise and qualifications.

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