How To Make Hair Spray From Oranges




How to Use The Mighty Orange For Hair Spray


I posted a recipe for DIY hairspray some time ago.  I wanted to give you an update.  I always made this spray with lemons for light hair as my hair is grey.  Two weeks ago I needed hair spray, all I had was a huge orange; I mean a HUGE orange.  I decided to use this BIG boy for my spray.

I cut in rounds, added two cups of filtered water to pot and simmered down to 1 cup total.  After it cooled, I drained through a strainer and cheese cloth (use a good grade of cheese cloth if you do not want your spray bottle to clog) into a measuring cup, added two tablespoons of vodka then poured into my fine mist spray bottle. I refrigerate my spray and shake well before each use.


Oh my, this is a great hairspray!  It holds better than the lemon spray and I don’t have to use as much spray on my hair.  I think you will love this recipe with the oranges.


I am sure oranges will now be my choice for future hairspray.


Give this a try and let me know how you like it!




LEGAL STUFF:  As with all DIY recipes/suggestions/ideas on my site, this recipe has not been approved, tested, or reviewed by any government agency, FDA, scientific organization or expert.  Make and use at your own risk.

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