Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code by William Massa

Book Review

What a roller coaster ride. This book is non-stop action from the first page to the last. Mr. Massa knows how to ramp up the action in no uncertain terms.

The story begins with the murder of Steve Delaney, a UBER driver. The murderer’s IPhone telecast Occult AssassinDelaney’s murder to a mysterious man wearing a robotic death mask and to two other phones. Strange sing-song chanting by the masked man is heard and the 3 others then committed suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Flash forward and Mark Talon, Delta Force Soldier and most decorated soldier in all the military branches, is on his way home to pop the question to his investigative reporter girlfriend, Michelle. After accepting his proposal, all hell breaks loose in her apartment after Talon goes to the aid of an old military friend; Michelle is murdered in a horrible way within a pentagram by a Satanic Cult before he returns. What was she investigating that could have led to her death? The villains do not realize the can of worms they have opened by killing Talon’s fiancée and he has the backing of Simon Casca, owner of a technology company, billionaire and occult expert. Casca has personal knowledge of the evil of this cult.

Enter the villain of this story, Robert Zagan, CEO Of Omicron Technologies and Satanic Cult Leader. His first satanic kill was a cat, whose blood he used to computer program the death of his boss in his shiny Lexus. Zagan continued implanting satanic code to his games. The ultimate evil has been born in the computer world. He has a hold over his employees; they are killing for him and they wear a wrist tattoo of a binary code, which reads as 666. He has created an occult algorithm. But even Zagan doesn’t realize what he has created; there are unexpected implications. A few more blood sacrifices, the world will his oyster, his to control and manipulate; total control. What a story follows!

The action does not stop; as you are led piece-by-piece, clue-by-clue to the conclusion of this book, but not the conclusion of this story. This is just the beginning. It will make your hair stand on end. Technology today is very advanced and it is frightening to think what a truly evil person could do with enough money and power. Whether you believe in Satan, demons, and spells or not, this is a great book to read.

Mr. Massa paints a picture that is very scary and does it very well. The plotting is excellent, the pacing of the story is great; it will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can almost feel the evil coming off the pages. You will not lose interest in this story. I could not stop reading; I had to know what was happening next.

This book is for the person that likes fast paced action that is well written. I look forward to reading book two. Great job Mr. Massa.

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