Northwoods By Bill Schweigart


Powerful book full of monsters and evil!

Frightened By Monsters?

You will be frightened!  Sit down, relax, and prepare to be scared!

 Northwoods by Bill Schweigart has the horror market cornered!


I love Bill Schweigart novels, and I feel sure you will also.  The beginning chapter is action packed with horror, blood, guts, gore, and unexplained happenings as something deadly and evil has come to the Superior National Forrest outside Barnabus Minnesota.  Davis Holland, Agent for Customs and Border Protection, another flawed hero, is thrown immediately into the middle of the action.

Story Line:

Agent Holland receives a report of intrusion from the border and investigates along with Sheriff Gil Ramsey. The horror they face is mine boggling.  Mysterious blinding lights, a dark entity of the darkest evil, a savage bite, an intriguing chest, and savaged dead bodies, is just the beginning and sets up the story.  From this point, the book steam rolls along without any hesitation or missteps.


The original heroes in Beast of Barcroft, Ben McKelvie, Richard Severance, Alexander Standingcloud, and Lindsay Clark, are back again to look evil in the face and chase down another monster.  We learn more about Alex Standingcloud in this book.


Billionaire Richard Severance has called the team back together again to investigate strange things happening on Red Cliff Reservation near Bayfield Wisconsin in which buried bodies are desecrated.


A Native American evil monster has been seen; they will find that bodies on the Four Hills Reservation Superior National Forest Minnesota have suffered defilement as well. Something is loose and hungry!


Suspense Level:

Bill Schweigart has written another horror book of the first order. This book review was easy to write;  his talent is inspiring.  I hope I can do the book justice.  This book starts with a bang and continues from there to the final page.  I found it to be a fast paced thrill ride with horrors and monsters; you can almost feel the evil.


My attention never waned as Mr. Schweigart set the story up expertly, held my attention, and continued to intrigue throughout the book.  Mr. Schweigart wove these evil events into one tale of monsters and mystical creatures.


Characters, Plotting And Development

As with his previous book offering, Mr. Schweigart starts the action early and weaves a story that will hold your attention throughout the book.  The character development and pacing of the story was great; he leaves you panting for more.  I can’t wait for the next novel in this series.


He has the ability to draw you into the story with the written word. He has created another frightening story of monsters and evil, wove all the threads of the tale together and created a cohesive story.


Our new cast of characters Gil, Davis and others have their faults, flaws and insecurities as well.  Mr. Schweigart skillfully portrays his character as we are, and shows as humans we have the ability to become and do more than we think.



This book is a stand-alone, however, I recommend reading the Beast of Barcroft, the 1st book of the series, as you will get the back story of Ben, Richard, Alex, and Lindsay; as an added bonus it is a great novel.


Mr. Schweigart’s characters are not portrayed as knights in shining armor; they are portrayed as we are, a little tarnished and with all our baggage. I recommend this book to mature readers.


This was an excellent book and I look forward to installment three of this book series.  I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.


Reivew of Beast Of Barcroft


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