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Author Linda Hubalek creates an adventure in the Montana Territory and Kansas Prairie in her latest book, Nolan’s Vow. Part of the Montana Sky Grooms With Honor Series Kindle Worlds. You will find adventure, misunderstanding, prejudice, and love.

Half-breed Holly Brandt found respite and work with Myrtle after her father’s death.   Working as a cook and waitress, life has been good until Myrtle takes a fall and is injured. Working by herself, in Myrtles café, she meets Nolan Clancy when snow stops the train in their small town. As a result, many passengers are looking for food. Nolan offers to help in the café, after two obnoxious culprits harasses and threaten Holly. Although, Holly has found the life of a half-breed, full of prejudice and misconceptions, Nolan sees her as a person.

Myrtle surprisingly announces she is closing the café to live with her daughter. She assumes Holly will be welcome in her daughter’s home. They arrive to find a very different situation. Nolan traveling on the same train to protect Holly and Myrtle offers Holly work in his family café.

Upon arriving, Nolan and Holly are met with varying degrees of acceptation and prejudice. One surprise after another face Holly and Nolan. Will Holly and Nolan overcome all the trials they face or will misunderstanding and conniving family and friends tear them apart? Will the return of an old love, separate them? Can Nolan’s family accept a half-breed as part of the family? Will Holly overcome her insecurities?

Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy my romance novel review of Nolan’s Vow.

Set in the Montana Territory and Kansas Prairie, author Linda Hubalek crafted a sweet clean romance filled with emotion. I could see the country, forts, and towns from her vivid descriptions.

During a time of prejudice to the Indian Nations, Hubalek faces these issues head-on smoothly and graciously. As a result, the romance between Nolan and Holly faces many challenges, including Holly’s lack of self-esteem. Nolan will battle her insecurities as well as prejudice from the community and his grandparents.

In addition, Hubalek crafted many story lines threads, which she skillfully wove together. With twists and turns, misunderstandings, and heart-felt emotion, Nolan’s Vow is a wonderful romance of the heart.

The pace of the story was in line with the length of the book. Most noteworthy, Hubalek did not include fluff to fill her page nor did she use sex to sell this book. A good story will carry itself without lascivious elements and filler.

Finally, in concluding my romance novel review of Nolan’s Vow, I found interesting plots, along with skillful character development, which created a solid romance novel.



I would not hesitate to buy this book for a friend or myself. Suitable for anyone who enjoys romance set in the old west, Nolan’s Vow fits the bill.


Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with an honest romance novel review.

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